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4th January 2018

    You know the saying, new year, new showreel! No, me neither. But I do have a new showreel, so, should you be looking for a presenter here’s some of the highlights of the last year. Huge thanks to Tickle Media for having to sit through hours of looking at my face.     [&...


Tulum, Mexico

18th January 2021

  I had heard about Tulum through a couple of friends years ago who’d been travelling. It sounded perfect; incredible beaches, buckets of booze for a few quid, plenty of beads to make you feel like a hippy and super cheap accommodation in the form of beach huts. It had been on my list of...

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Staycations UK: Sea Palling

22nd July 2020

Not sure whether it’s because of lockdown or my DAZZLING tik tok videos, but I’ve never had so many requests about a weekend break. It did feel really quite special. Not only because we found this little gem in a location none of us had ever been to, but because I hadn’t seen my ma...

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Staycations Uk: Holkham, Norfolk

12th June 2020

So I had the time booked off work, was supposed to be in Barcelona, but thanks to Coronavirus that was obviously cancelled. Who needs all that sunshine & sangria anyway, bleuuurgh! I wasn’t going to let my time off work go to waste. Not being able to stay anywhere in the UK was still a [&h...

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Staycations Uk: Bury, A Dickensian Weekend

9th February 2020

As featured in:   The only time I’d previously visited Bury St Edmunds was to go to a discount furniture store. While picking up a favourably priced wardrobe, little did I know the history that lay before me and the charming streets and shops; so much so they were recently used as a film set ...

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Mel C single handedly trying to repair Britains image on the Global stage with excellent results!

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Man frantically pushing the open door button on the train whilst it’s still moving was a highlight of the day