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Giant Creme Egg

12th April 2017

So a couple of years ago on the show we were set the challenge to create our very own solid filled Easter Egg. I knew exactly what I wanted to create. Every single Easter I’ve wondered why Cadburys have never created an Easter Egg sized, solid filled, GIANT CREME EGG. It turns out, after tweeting ...

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Paris: Hotel De Jobo

6th April 2017

  Four years ago I met a lovely little Australian poppet when I was travelling in South America. Her name was Carolene. I instantly liked her because she turned up on a back packing tour with a good four suitcases and made no apology for that. So when she announced this year that she was [&hell...

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Fasting. Filming. Mini Eggs.

17th March 2017

  ‘Breakfast is the most important meal of the day’ they say. Hmmm, well, yes I agree that it’s one of the best meals. Eggs, bacon, pancakes, coco pops. In that order please. Coco pops as dessert. But I’ve also heard a lot quite to the contrary recently. Plus, in my neve...

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