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A Thank You

Whenever there is a chance to praise our wonderful NHS and emergency services, we should.

This morning I woke up and drove to work in a bit of a grump. The cause? I was tired. My hair had gone into one of those weird, unmanageable partings and I’d driven off and forgotten the nectarines I’d specially bought for breakfast at work. OH FOR GOODNESS SAKE. Tough times I’m sure you’ll agree.

Then a little bit of perspective slapped me (quite rightly) round the face when I received that potentially heart stopping call-my brother and his family had been in an accident. Before I go any further-they are all absolutely fine and walked away unscathed. But they were incredibly lucky. Seeing the pic of the car on it’s roof facing the oncoming traffic was a shocker. And it’s highlighted a couple of very important things.

First, that our emergency services are WONDERFUL. The first thing my brother did was praise the East Midlands police, paramedics and staff at the Leicester Royal Infirmary who looked after them. Until you need them, you forget that they do this, day in, day out, probably without half the praise they deserve.

Also, it was one of those stark reminders that things could change in an instant. Hard to remember when you’re soooo busy and grumbling about your forgotten nectarines. I’m certainly feeling a great deal of relief and a new found appreciation of everything this evening.

I posted a note on Facebook earlier and an NHS worker commented on how low moral was at the moment within the NHS, so please, if you know anyone who works in any of the services, do let them know that a great deal of people, myself and my family included are very much in awe and appreciation of what you do.