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A Week Without an iPhone

Five working days. iphone suspended in a perspex box in the studio? It’s the social experiment David Blaine could only dream of. Plus no-one threw eggs. Here’s how it went…


Like a scene from Kramer Vs Kramer, iPhone was handed over. Surprisingly a lot less painful than I envisaged. New shiny £9.99 Nokia 100 handed over. Excitement of having something new then discovering it had a modern day version of SNAKE on it completely distracted me from anything else. Barely needs charging and it’s so light! Very much enjoying the solitude. Thought I’d send a panic stricken tweet/facebook status that I was without phone. Decided against letting anyone know. I feel rebellious that no-one can get hold of me. Excited to embrace the solitude!


I am a LOT less distracted all the time, still not had to charge phone. Barely even think about it or miss iPhone. Although towards the end of the day did feel a bit disconnected from the world. Starting to wonder what I might be missing. FOMO alert! (Fear of missing out…) Not convinced I’m using this spare time wisely as got really, reaaaaally into snake. Today I became SNAKE MASTER. Proud. But also disappointed at the same time. Desperately wanted to instagram pic of delicious Autumn evening. Dawned on me that people probably wouldn’t mind if I don’t…


Uh-oh, messed up today. Double booked two events. Not having my iPhone diary backfired. Created mildly stressful situation, but at the same time can’t access emails so if anyone’s annoyed I won’t know about it! Feel a lot more chilled out as a result.
Also used my BRAIN today. Instead of using Sat Nav to automatically navigate me to a location, I just figured it out in my head. Realised I knew exactly where location was. Saved a lot of faffing about & missed wrong turns. Far more rewarding, much less stressful!


Well today was odd due to Sam giving out the Nokia mobile number on air. Rather enjoyed random chats throughout the day with listeners. The Nokia finally needed a charge today due to the amount of incoming calls and texts but that was the FIRST TIME. How refreshing. I’m gonna miss how lightweight phone is and also how manual it feels. Remembered that I actually hate touch screen. Not as excited as I thought I would be to get iPhone back.


iPhone was released from it’s box and handed back! Wasn’t particularly excited and maybe it was just psychological but felt like I was about to take on more responsibility and stress. I liked the feeling of being a little different. Feel a little like I’m stepping back to the dark side…

darth vader

It has definitely been a valuable experience and the most important things I’ve learnt and can take away from this are;

-Life goes on without instagramming it
-Using your brain gives you a sense of acheievement
-You wont miss a life altering phone call if you don’t take your phone upstairs with you
-I am the snake master.