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Angel Ball

One sure sign of Christmas is the annual ‘Angel Ball’ in Nottingham. We’ve been hosting the event for years now so it’s the perfect way to get in the festive spirit. Or, you know, do a spot of bucking broncho in a ball gown. Or perhaps a snowboard simulator works for you?

They always raise a whopping amount for charity. This year supporting the incredible John Van Geest Cancer Centre, based right here in Nottingham. I’ve visited the research centre and it’s remarkable what they’re doing right here on our doorstep in the ongoing battle to improve the early diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

So thank you if you came and helped raise as much money as possible. Oh and I sang on stage with Chico. Life goal-TICK. The theme was Moulin Rouge, so no-one was quite sure why Sam dressed like he was about to board the Titanic…



Those guys on the simulators always look cool…


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