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Backstage with a Hungover Ronan…

We met up with da lovely Ronan Keating last week. Boyzone are currently on their world tour and playing in Nottingham so headed to their hotel to have a chat. When we turned up I was amazed to see at least 10 women waiting patiently outside the hotel. Not teenage girls…grown women…still desperate to catch a glimpse of the boys or just an autograph. The receptionist informed us they’d been there since 4am in the morning?! It was now mid-day. Wow. All I could think was…’don’t they have jobs?!’ That is serious fan commitment.

When Ronan walked into the room, initially he was wearing black shades and I thought ‘alright Diva, here comes Bono’, however when he removed them I could see exactly why he had been wearing them. Ronan was looking pretty rough! (Soz Ronan). It was his birthday the night before, and he’d gone to bed about 4 hours ago…he’d had about an hours sleep. The Boyzone ladzz had had one big Irish booze up, good effort. Not quite the rock n roll behaviour you’d expect, I was impressed! If only the girls waiting outside would’ve known they were all still up partying at that time when they were outside shivering in the cold…

Despite being incredibly hungover, he was very sharp and a really interesting guy and just lovely. He’s just recorded an album with none other than legendary crooner Burt Bacharach, random. Had some great stories from the World famous Capital Studios in LA…Burt’s in his 80’s now and still on fire apparently. He also revealed he’s turning his hand to acting next month although this isn’t the first time he’s tried. He revealed he was second in line to play Christian in Moulin Roug. He, of course, missed out to Ewan McGregor. Thats pretty impressive! is my favourite film…

I’d noticed on his Twitter that he was a fan of the Eddie Stobart trucks…so as it was his birthday, we bought him a miniature Eddie Stobart truck which he seemed very happy with. Well, who wouldn’t be?! We only buy the best gifts…. Listen to the full un-edited-drinking tea between takes-interview below!


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