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Best Year Yet-The Bake Off

Best Year Yet: Month Two-The Great East Midlands Bake Off!

So after a successful and very fulfilling first month of ‘Best Year Yet’, trying odd dance classes, bruising myself beyond belief Snowboarding and learning how to arrange flowers, it was time for a different challenge. So the focus of March and trying something new was all about BAKING. Not just because I LOVE CAKE. It was a nice excuse but I wanted to push myself to try and hone my culinary skills…and also see what you could do and find the Great East Midlands Best Baker!
I am ok with a bit of cooking-I find it very therapeutic and always keen to cook everything from fresh, but let’s just say my skills are…limited. So my first port of call was to have some lessons from the gorgeous Olive Grove Cookery School…and I took three lovely listeners to help out…
So after crafting the perfect pastry, it was time to take on a big old pie challenge against Sam. I made apple, walnut and fudge pie. Clearly the world isn’t ready for it yet…
The finished results….
If you can’t be bothered to watch the videos….here are my apple pie bombs! Sadly they didn’t win between Sam and I but for a first attempt, I was pretty proud of my little bombs!
So that was my attempt. Yours, however, were far more impressive. Try looking at these without salivating…
By Sarah Stanton Longdon


By Diane Nicola Blything



By Serena Robinson
By Amy Louise Ludlow
We had loads of incredible entries and it was clear the Great East Midlands Bake Off was gonna be tough to call. Who was the best baker in the East Midlands?! Who would rise to the challenge…(sorry I had to!) The winner would win a cookery class at The Olive Grove Cookery School and…..a GEM 106 APRON. Wow.
Here’s who we crowned champion….but well done to everyone who got involved, took the time to bake and tried something new in March!
Well done Sarah-the Greatest Baker in the East Midlands!
So onto April and the next challenge for Your Best Year Yet….it’s all on the facebook page here….

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