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Over the last few weeks at least three people have commented on how tired I look. First, thanks guys. But, to honest, I don’t actually mind. Because at least my noticeably haggered face explains why I may come across as a tad vacant recently. I LOVE Christmas, so this isn’t a whinge. Far from it in fact, as a lot of exciting things have been happening recently, which I really wanted to blog about but, alas…didn’t have the time/energy. But this weekend, as I refused to change out of my tracksuit or leave the house for anything other than toilet paper and After Eights, I can reflect and share the madness….Ho.Ho.Ho.



Helllooo Nottingham. Felt rather special standing up in the Nottingham Council House overlooking the market square looking all twinkly. Along with a sea of umbrellas as the heavens opened. Well done to all who braved it…that’s hardcore xmas spirit.


IMG_6813 IMG_6832 IMG_6847

A lot of very inspiring and brilliant business women rewarded for their efforts in Nottingham. Well done all, a most enjoyable evening!


I was very excited to be invited to Sound Women’s third birthday celebrations at the House of Commons at the beginning of this month. I’m a big supporter of Sound Women, who represent and support women in radio, working to bridge the gap of gender inequality in radio. I was honoured to have a good chat with the legendary Annie Nightingale, along with many other brilliant women. If you want to find out more, or are a women currently working in radio, or would like to, then save the date for January 31st where I’ll be contributing to their next workshop in Birmingham. More details soon! I got told off for attempting to take photos but managed to sneak a couple of really rubbish ones. But I’m gonna post them as I risked jail for these… And no sadly I didn’t get a souvenir. Desperately wanted to sneak a teacup in my bag but unfortunately that’s just theft…

IMG_7176 IMG_7181 IMG_7188 IMG_7189 IMG_7191 IMG_7192


I ruddy love getting dressed up all fancy for a ball and nothing gets you feeling more festive than the Angel Ball in Nottingham. Great night and raised an amazing amount for Cancer Research UK, Maggies and PASIC. Plus got a picture alongside a polar bear. Winning at Xmas.

IMG_7127 IMG_7134 IMG_7138 IMG_7143


Oh no it isn’t! Oh come on, what’s more to say… HE’S WEARING VELVET TROUSERS AND WEARING FOUNDATION. And no I wasn’t one of Snow Whites seven dwarves.

IMG_7471 IMG_7472 IMG_7477



We supported the incredible work that Maggies do at City hospital in Nottingham this year at Gem, so it was lovely to be a part of their christmas carol concert at the overwhelmingly stunning St Marys church. I did a little festive reading. This is my serious ‘doing a read in a church’ face.

photo (34)


MY CAKES GOT FAMOUS. Big year for my baking. They made it into the Nottingham Cookbook. Sam just turned up for the photo op. Never baked in his life. #fraud




I can only assume what most people are talking right now are my outdoor illuminations. It’s a first at chez Voce and there’s no going back. Just bigger.

IMG_7409 IMG_7416


Also held first proper full on festive dinner party. Eight guests; roasted cauliflower, fennel and garlic soup and beef wellington (can’t take credit sadly) followed by my salted caramel and chocolate torte (can take credit). Plus all the other bits. Worrying amount of empty bottles the next morning, but assume all went well as the last taxi we called was at 4.15am, whilst the guests were watching Babestation. The sophisticated affair I envisaged…


IMG_7502 IMG_7519

Now just a few more Christmas parties, shopping, wrapping and eating my body weight in After Eights. But we’ll still be available for your ears! You can hear Sam and I on a couple of national outputs over Christmas. First off, we’ll be part of Radio Five Lives ‘Radio Review of the Year’ show, with Jane Garvey and Stephanie Hirst. We caught up with Stephanie recently to discuss a bizarre year of awards and our debut on BBC Radio 2! Forget the Queens speech, hear it from at 3.30pm on Xmas day.

And speaking of Radio 2, we’ll be gracing the nation covering for the delightful Anneka Rice on Sat 27th December, 6-8am, so join us then!

Merry Xmas & a Happy New Year all…