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Been a busy old week. First off spent a lot of time, well, a good half hour on the internet preparing a fancy dress outfit for last weekend. The theme was the letter ‘D’/’R’ (or both) for a friends 40th. Came up with, what I thought, was a genius idea to go as Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers (my boyfriends nickname is Kenny FYI). Err hello, perfect.

It was the first time I googled ‘fake breasts’. Promise. The pair that arrived were, sadly, disappointing. Turns out you have to spend quite a few quid on a decent pair of fakes. Who knew? They were really lacking in density. The wig was also on the wiry side.

I thought I’d done a half decent job, until I arrived at the party and got mistaken for the following;

-Diana Ross (errm WHAT?)

-Marilyn Monroe

-Lady Gaga

-Lily Savage, amongst many more…

To add salt to my deflated attitude, another three Dolly’s showed up. And their assets were far more impressive. What a deflated Dolly. Kenny Rogers also got confused for Robbie Savage and Richard Branson. Oh well, at least we nailed ‘Islands in the Stream’. I’m not sharing that footage. The pics should suffice.





On Sunday, it was back to London to cover the evening show & say hello to the nation on Magic Fm. Biscuit emergencies, a custard cream coma and apples that don’t turn brown featured heavily. I really should get a food show soon. Thanks if you joined me.






I couldn’t get to work quicker on Monday morning, as I listened to the Oscars coverage unfold on my drive in at 5am. As a breakfast show radio presenter, this kind of drama is simply glorious. If you enjoyed the debarcle and want to hear the story from behind the scenes, have a listen to the Bill Simmons podcast, episode 182 with Jimmy Kimmel. Brilliant.


I’m not a huge film buff, but I did spend a huge amount of time at the cinema in January as the best Oscar nominated films are released. So I thought I’d give my honest, no nonsense, opinion if you still haven’t seen the biggest winners. Less interesting but far more concise than Mark Kermode.




If you don’t like musicals, probably don’t bother. Although, this is a good entry level as the singing is to a minimum. But I LOVE LOVE LOVED IT. If honest, I usually walk out of the cinema mildly disappointed. I literally skipped out. Uplifting, magical, modern, real, stunning and funny. Emma Stone is hilarious. Gosling ticks every single box possible in a spectrum of boxes. I’ve been twice. If you don’t like it, you don’t need to tell me mmkay.




Ok, if you want to see this, make sure you have at least one of the following activities lined up straight afterwards;

-Cuddles with puppies


-Immediate access to a stiff drink

It’s a tough watch. Took me to a bleaker than bleak place. I was shocked at how low it made me. We went home & watched 4 hours of comedy viewing. However, it was brilliantly done. Casey Affleck is worthy of his Oscar just for reading through that script and not throwing it in the bin screaming WHY WOULD ANYONE MAKE THAT. There are a few humorous moments which are REALLY funny. Can’t tell you how much I savoured those. It’s one of those films that you’d watch in Film Studies. If anyone ever tells you it’s their favourite film, they’re either lying to sound cool or have some real deep morbid issues. Whilst I have thought about it a lot since watching, I don’t want to watch it again. But strangely I have talked about it the most since. Look how much I’ve written about it. Christ, it won’t leave me. Help.




Fine. Didn’t need to bother really to be honest.




Lack of Darth Vader and Han Solo. Too many pow pow machine gun/light sabre type scenes. Bored out my mind. FYI I am not a Star Wars hater, I’m a fan; The Force Awakens was magnificent. Watch that again instead.


You’re welcome.




Topped the week off with an interview with Robbie Williams, where we got him singing East 17 songs. It wasn’t explicitly said but you could tell he’d rather have been in that band. He knew every word to Deep. He should call Tony, could probably be arranged. Listen again to the interview at Gem 106. 



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