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Fasting. Filming. Mini Eggs.


‘Breakfast is the most important meal of the day’ they say. Hmmm, well, yes I agree that it’s one of the best meals. Eggs, bacon, pancakes, coco pops. In that order please. Coco pops as dessert. But I’ve also heard a lot quite to the contrary recently. Plus, in my never ending quest to basically be able to eat as many Mini Eggs as poss without becoming desperately unhealthy, I decided to have a go at intermittent fasting.



WHAT THE FLIP IS INTERMITTENT FASTING?! I hear you cry. Right, well here’s a VERY BASIC version of what it is and why I’m doing it. For a better one click here Intermittent Fasting or on the bullet points below at any point;



At this point I feel I should point I’m not a Doctor or any kind of fitness expert. (If you thought I was, what on earth were you googling?). I just like having a go at things which I think may cheat my body from that never ending cycle of heathy eating and exercise, which YES I know, does make you feel better and I do enjoy it, BUT, did I mention my Mini Eggs problem? Don’t get me started on Creme Eggs (tbf, since they changed the chocolate, was a blessing disguise, my cravings lessened, however such obsession then transferred to the Eggs). Have you seen you can get them in small boxes now? That does help the quantity control. Last week, my craving for them went up a notch and I needed those Mini Egg cakes. Imagine my horror when I learned they’re not in the shops yet?! So I bought some Fondant Fancies, bag of Mini eggs and made my own.

WHY AM I STILL TALKING ABOUT MINI EGGS. CRUMBS. They better send some free ones for this.


Anywaaaay, I’ve only done it for three days this week and I have to say I noticed an immediate difference. For a start, it wasn’t that hard. It’s a good lesson in discipline and also recognising how much we eat unnecessarily. Getting up when I do, I would often have two breakfasts. Some mornings I realised I wasn’t even that hungry, just eating out of habit. I really loved the idea of resting my organs, they do work terribly hard. After just one day I felt lighter and my stomach so much flatter-something I’ve struggled with since Christmas. Oddly I also seemed to eat less and it’s made me more conscious of what I’m eating. My biggest concern was not having enough energy to do a lively breakfast show five days a week. But, I still had my tea and coffee (I’m not bionic) and my energy levels were exactly the same. I could be imagining it, but I even felt a tad fresher.

Obvs, if you find yourself starving and then bingeing to make up for it, it’s probably not worth it. And I’m not going to follow it strictly everyday. I get up at 4.30am, if I’m struggling and feeling light headed, I’m gonna eat. But if you like to try new things it’s worth a go, even if just a couple of days a week. if you are trying to lose weight, apparently it helps. There are loads of benefits also said to be associated; heart health, diabetes, less risk of cancer. All the usual scary ones.

But don’t think for one second I’m eliminating the likes of this from my life.




It also probably helps that I have unintentionally not drunk any alcohol in the last two weeks, slept an enormous amount at the weekends and done lots of exercise. I’m starting to dread a drink and that rubbish end of weekend, knee deep in pizza feeling. I’m gonna put it out there-I prefer lots of sleep, exercise and no alcohol on a weekend than a night out. ARRRRRGH, WHO AM I, I HATE ME. I used to be fun. Being in your thirties messes with you. Right, I’m pouring a glass of red immediately as that sentence was uncomfortable for everyone.


No doubt you’ve stopped reading because you find me unbearable, but in other news, I discovered a bit of Birmingham this week, and being a die hard East Midlander, I must admit, the West wasn’t all that bad. LOL. I was filming for Visit Birmingham and made a whistle stop trip to many of their finest; Adams, one of their Michelin starred restaurants, which looked delicious. Harvey Nichols, Edgbaston Cricket Ground-first time I’ve been wowed by anything Cricket, Cannon Hill Park, the Canals (where I even saw a chap paddle boarding-how very Californian) and my favourite area, The Custard Factory. Lots of cool little eateries and buildings painted brightly with graffiti. Why can’t everywhere look like this? Plus lots of pretty lights.





Edgbaston Cricket Ground. Was rather wow. Who knew that many people enjoyed watching Cricket in one sitting? LOL.



Rainbow bright top got a bit of attention this week. I love rainbows, so I love it. It’s from Urban Outfitters. Struggle is, it’s a tad noticeable so I can’t get away with wearing daily, which is what I actually want to do. Please send other rainbow outfit suggestions.

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    Dr. Michael Mosley, a co-author of The Fast Diet, cooking a frittata of mushrooms and scallions at home last week. He researched the science of the diet and its health benefits by putting himself through a regimen of intermittent fasting and filming it for a documentary.


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