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Five Bad Boys…

…with the power to rock you, blow your mind so you gotta get into! Sorry…got carried away. It’s just that recently I got pretty excited that we filmed with 5ive, a band I’d grown up loving, been to see live and stared longingly at posters of Jay.

A few weeks ago the producers from ITV2’s ‘The Big Re-Union’ got in touch to get us involved with the tv show by presenting tickets to an unsuspecting super 5ive fan and hand deliver them with the boys themselves. Despite the fact my favourite, Jay, hadn’t rejoined them for the Re-Union, THANKS A LOT JAY (selfish), I was still rather excited. Sometimes the 14 year old in you just never goes away. I suppose I should just be thankful I don’t still dress like her.

We arrived in secret to meet the boys at the superfans workplace where she was sat in, what I imagine was a very tedious conference. All conferences are aren’t they? The funny thing about meeting the boys was that they were exactly how I imagined they were when I was 14. They were bouncing about, wrestling, unruly, dressed in Topshop, pinching Haribo sweets from the bowls, just as you used to see them on Live and Kicking. Which, when you realise they must all be in their late thirties now was kind of…strange. But kind of cute. If they had become middle aged they certainly weren’t gonna show it. But then I guess you can’t perform ‘Slam Dunk Da Funk’ and ‘If Ya Gettin down’ if you’re backstage discussing your love of a good Rioja, or whether you prefer a fixed rate or tracker mortgage (obligatory middle aged chat).

Bursting into the conference with the boys was hilarious. Our superfan, Alexa seemed pretty confused and it did later dawn on me how weird that would be if it happened while you were at work. I think we all imagined an inconsolable hysteria, then we remembered she is no longer a teenager!

Check out the surprise here and see it in full on ITV2’s ‘The Big Re-Union‘ later this year…

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