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THRONE FANS. The time is upon us. Winter is coming. So is the excitement and outfit preparation. I am a pretty big fan. Huge. I sit on a home made throne every day at my place of work. I even have a GOT colouring book. The emotional rollercoaster Game Of Thrones imposes upon me is like nothing else. So I feel I must apologise for any excess passion in this chat.

We recently re-watched Season 6. I did 10 episodes in one weekend, confirming the fact that GOT really is built for bingeing. I would love to take the risk of saving up this entire next series to binge on in one go, but alas, I simply cannot trust the spoiler brigade. If you are guilty of ‘OMG can’t believe ******** is dead’, please take a moment to think about what purpose that serves? You can still have a good debrief on social media without dropping bombs. Give it some thought. I accidentally dropped a colossal spoiler regarding series 1 to my boss, who has never let me forget it. I don’t want you to have that on your conscience. In my defence I was under the belief he’d watched the whole of series 1. So more of a technicality…

ANYHOO-here is our off air, in depth GOT spoilers and all chat. So if you ARE up to speed, here’s our debrief on what’s happened thus far and what we think is to come. Would love to hear your thoughts. LET’S THRONE.

This. Just this.


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