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Giant Creme Egg

So a couple of years ago on the show we were set the challenge to create our very own solid filled Easter Egg. I knew exactly what I wanted to create. Every single Easter I’ve wondered why Cadburys have never created an Easter Egg sized, solid filled, GIANT CREME EGG. It turns out, after tweeting them, that their legal team won’t allow it due to the high level of sugar content. Luckily I don’t have a legal team, plus I don’t think anyones under the impression this is a healthy snack… you have be warned. Don’t tell that Delicious Ella lady.

So now was the time to take this matter into my own hands… Eggciting. (sorry-inevitable-always cracks me up).

It’s actually incredibly easy. Here’s how I did it. Full recipe below video.



What you will need:


First, with the egg, I cheated. I bought a Cadburys Easter egg, any will do, as they are already separated in half, so they’re easy to fill. So all I needed was that delectable fondant…


170g liquid glucose
55g butter
1 tsp vanilla extract
375g icing sugar
2 tsp water
A few drops of yellow food colouring


1. First put the liquid glucose into a bowl with the butter and vanilla extract and whizz them together. Actually you should probably do this with a wooden spoon instead, as the liquid glucose is very stiff. It almost broke my electric whisk. I am not responsible for damages.




2. When you have a creamy mixture, add the icing sugar and a teaspoon of water. Mix in carefully and don’t be tempted to add more water because it’s so thick.




3. Make sure the fondant is really thick. If it’s too runny it won’t set. Add more icing sugar until you can turn the bowl upside down without it moving.
4. In another bowl, separate a third of the mixture and add the yellow colouring to create the yolk.




5. At this point you should be able to add the white fondant into the shells. Add to about three quarters of the way for both.

6. Then add the yellow ‘yolk’ fondant.

7. Make sure you don’t fill the egg shells too heavily as they will either crack or you might struggle to seal them. I had to redo them several times! Very carefully add the shells together. The gooey fondant should seal it enough. Place carefully on a plate or bowl and set in the fridge for a good hour.




Ta da!



Happy Easter!

2 thoughts on “Giant Creme Egg”

  1. Edward Vickers

    OMG Amy!! I listen to you on the radio every weekday morning, and have never thought that you would come up with such an amazing creation!! I want to try and make this now, because it looks so nice! I even have an un-eaten Easter Egg that I could use 🙂


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