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Hello Virgin Radio!

Well it’s been a rather busy 6 weeks. You may or may not have noticed (or cared) that I have a new job!

After 11 years at our previous station, where we achieved things beyond our wildest dreams; dancing with David Hasselhoff, holding a raccoon, finding a listener that admitted to having a favourite child, switching lives for a week and winning a few awards for all of the above, it was time for a change.

So off we popped to the place where the streets are paved with gold. And gluten free snack bar wrappers. Yep, we’re in London. But fear not, as the show is now available nationwide, so, if you were with us the last 11 years and feel like we’ve rather grown on you like a fungus and you’d like to know whether 1) I ever grow up/get married to Ryan Gosling or 2) Whether Sam resorts to full facial plastic surgery in his pursuit of aesthetic perfection, then do join us.


‘Oh, so THAT’S the size of your garden now you live in London’




In the first few weeks already we’veĀ attempted to; make Sam cooler and turn him into Chris Martin (he was the most accessible rock star-he failed). Had our new boss, Richard Branson, play our music quiz the 1K Q & A. He scored ’10’. Well, he scored 3 actually, but he’s our new boss so lets ignore that shall we. WOW YOU’RE SO GREAT WELL DONE RICHARD. So, we’ve been thinking about this new feature based on Necker Island…


We’ve discussed IKEA flat packs with Kevin McCloud. LOVE THAT GUY.




Had a ‘fact off’ and Coldplay impressions from Bill Bailey




And as a delightful little welcome, within our first 6 weeks of the job, got to sit down and have a lengthy chat with one of my all time heroes, NOEL GALLAGHER. We talked about his new album, Feminism, Matthew McConaughey, and most importantly, crisps.



More on that soon, Noel gets his own post.


We’re here on DAB digital radio OR if you have no idea what that is yet, you can download the app and listen through your phone/online.




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