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Hvar-ing A Good Time

Sooo I know I banged on about it while I was there…but I simply want to share one of the most delicious places I’ve ever been to. And bore you with a holiday slideshow…no-one seems to want to come round to listen to the running commentary?? So I’ll put it on here instead.

So I chose to go to Hvar in Croatia. I’d wanted to visit Croatia for a few years after hearing amazing things from friends about how utterly beautiful it is and once I read that the island of Hvar was ‘the new Ibiza meets St. Tropez’ I was sold! And that’s a fairly accurate description.

We flew into Split-nice short 2 hour flight. Having had a brief glance around Split, I wish we’d stayed there a couple of nights to see it properly as it looked great fun and very pretty. But we hopped on board a catamaran to take us to the island of Hvar, 2 hours away. At this point…that probably sounds like the catamaran was chartered just for us. Sadly not, it was basically a ferry…but a pretty cool one.

When we arrived at Hvar along the jetty, we were greeted by backpackers and glamour. Stylish restuarants, massive yachts and…well, backpackers. It was a good balance-cool and glamorous but not snobby or pretentious. So pretty and so clean! And those massive mounds of ice cream. It was evidently time to drop the ‘no carbs before Croatia’ regime…

The town centre was ruddy stunning…I may as well let the pictures do the talking….

We walked up to the castle for a pretty spectacular view…

First night-went out-the town was buzzing. Found a side street bar which was rammed. Made friends with backpackers. First off I couldnt resist temptation to hijack a boat. Sure…there were million pound yachts. But this was my choice of vessel.

After boat jacking, we saw some lights in the distance…wondered up to stumble upon a castle…which was actually a nightclub. Amazing.

Was tough waking up to this with a hangover…

So many gorgeous restaurants…

Cutest, rustic wine bar i’ve ever been to…prsuta 3 wine bar.

Stumbled across a tiny shop to discover it was run by the Dad of the guy who ran the wine bar….his cheese, meat and wine were immense. He gave us a lot of tasters! Splendid.

We turned all Enid Blyton and went for a bike ride…my favourite day. Despite going down a forbidden road and being chased and almost mauled to death by rabid angry, evil alsatian. Pretty scenic though.

And then the best bit….the Full Moon Party. We had to get a boat to the forest….felt like the kind of party I imagine fairies have when you’re not looking….have I gone mental?!

Yes that is the moon gleaming on the sea….

And an obligatory sunset shot of course to top it all off….at Hula Hula bar.

I love Hvar!

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