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I’m giving up my i phone. WHAT AM I DOING?

So this started last weekend when I read an article last weekend about how our iphones/smartphones are making us tired all the time because our constant addiction to check them every 3 seconds means our brains never get a chance to rest. My daily routine does consist of a regular update check approximately every 3 minutes with the same process; Email (work account), email (personal account), Twitter, Facebook, instagram, news updates etc etc. And if in that cycle I haven’t found anything of particular interest I repeat the process to see if any of the others got good updates while I was checking the others. Wow. Reading that back I sound deranged, obsessive and quite frankly, a bit square. What brings a small sense of relief that I’m not a total lunatic is that I’m not alone. Since discussing this with all my work colleagues, friends and family, every single one of them has been guilty of doing the same. Eating dinner with i phones, sitting on the sofa ‘watching’ tv but actually tweeting throughout the whole show thus actually missing what’s really happening, even checking them whilst at traffic lights due to boredom! I’m impatient enough. It is my worst flaw. I could do without aiding that.

So I thought it would be interesting to challenge myself with a little social experiment. As much as I’m doing this on air, much to Sams amusement, I genuinely what to see if my days can be more productive, less stressful and more liberating without being a slave to my phone.

However, this could go the other way. Having realised how reliant I am on my phone could it lead to more stress? This dawned on me this week when I realised what I actually use my phone for. The thing I probably use it least for are phonecalls.

It was only when we discussed it on air, just how hard this may be…

iphone Amnesty

-Diary: I was pressured to ditch my old faithful paper diary in aid of the digital and despite a romantic idea of clinging onto the paper effort, I eventually ditched it. Two diaries was tedious. Plus my online correlates with everyone at work etc etc…

-Alarm Clock: Not just for the morning, but those daily reminders to do things.

-Reminders: Having a brain like a sieve I have at least 4 daily reminders to do the simplest of tasks. How can I substitute that? Employing a PA? Although not sure PA’s exist to remind you to put a wash on.

-Notes: Delivering a daily breakfast show I am constantly making notes for ideas/content for the show. Pad and paper it is…

-Calculator: Maths is not my forte. And I don’t have Vordermans number. Can you still buy calculators?!

-Photos: How am I going to cope without taking a photo of EVERYTHING. (this has to stop…)

-Whatsapp: I constantly keep in touch with my boyfriend and friends throughout the day. It’s very handy when you don’t have enough time/can’t be bothered for a call. Hello landline, we meet again.

This list could go on and on….I don’t need to mention social media, apps and all the numerous features i use constantly.

So the rules are that the phone is being confiscated on Monday until Friday. I am allowed to use internet at work and at home, because it’s not about banning internet. That isn’t really the problem. It’s the permanent fixation with the phone. I will be presented with a simple Nokia pay as you go-CUTE! It’s gonna be an interesting week…