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In Defence of Kim Kardashian

I want to discuss Kim Kardashian. Now, try not to judge immediately and please do continue reading when I say I want to defend her. Seriously.
So yesterday she posted a pic of her naked-with her bits covered up and the internet lost their sh*t. Ok, first off; why is everyone acting like she hasn’t done this before? It’s how she makes her living. I appreciate why people disagree with that career choice, I probably wouldn’t do it either (supply outweighs demand). But why is it our decision to attack her for showing her body? She’s not being forced into it. She bloody LOVES it. Yes, she’s not gonna be the worlds greatest role model, but how many celebrities are? I’m pretty sure when her sex tape was released, err I mean leaked, she wasn’t thinking of how it’ll help inspire a new feminist movement. But that aside, I actually feel there’s one thing we could all learn from Kim K.
Here’s the thing-Keeping Up With The Kardashians is my guilty pleasure.I’m not even ashamed. If you’ve never watched it, I assume you’re judging me in the way I do when people tell me they watch TOWIE. I get why you’d despise this family. And that’s fine. You may not enjoy it if you do give it a go. I don’t watch it to enrich my life, or stimulate my brain, but I do find it entertaining and intriguing. Their lives are ridiculous but essentially they’re a big, messy family which on occasion I can identify with. Not so much the hopping on a private jet to Vegas or being paid $10million per tweet. My Mum also isn’t dating a 30 year old and as far as I know none of us have had our lips done. Yet.
The one thing they do have is an incredibly tight family bond. But if you watch long enough you’ll notice they don’t actually take themselves as seriously as the people that hurl abuse at them do. Kim included. She knows she’s a princess, she knows she is one of the most famous women in the world and that she is exceptionally beautiful. She loves herself. But she also doesn’t come across as obnoixous. She can actually occasionally be quite funny. Her family seem to ground her by showing little interest in her endeavours and mocking her, like when Kim called a meeting to announce she was going to be on the cover of Vogue magazine and, on realising how OTT she was being, shifted the focus to Kourtney (her sister) who was about to be on the cover of the equivalent of an Asda magazine in the same month. I lol’d.
My point is, here is someone who is aware of how they’ve made their millions, is so confident in her own body she will strip naked for the entire world to see her and criticise. So what do I admire about Kim Kardashian? That she appears to give no.f*cks.whatsoever. She must be one of the most hated and slated women on the planet but still does not care. At all. She knows what she’ll get for posting content like that. A reaction. In a society where people are obsessed with what people think of them, I find it, quite frankly, refreshing.
Today, she appeared to cave somewhat and respond to critics. Now, whilst this is just another way to manipulate the press and court controversy, and I appreciate people aren’t going to feel sorry for her, is that how life should work? That you show to the world that you’re proud of your assets, have no fear and do what you want, just to be destroyed. Just so people can break you and put you down? It’s kind of a strange world where people are so insecure about themselves that they cannot bear to see people being confident and doing whatever the hell they like.
Today is ‘International Womens Day’, a day which, to be quite frank, I’m not sure what is entirely supposed to achieve. I hope it’s to highlight the plight of women’s issues and inequality, largely the more pressing being in countries with far greater social and cultural issues than ours. But so far I’ve been subjected to messages such as ‘I’m a babe, you’re a babe, we’re all babes’ (think the suffragettes came up with that one), to ‘You Go Girl’. Oh ok, thanks. I appreciate the sentiment and whilst I do fully support any cause to empower women, I do think people could make a start by letting someone such as Kim crack on with enjoying her body, spend less energy on shaming her and focus on the bigger issues going on.