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Jamies Italian…Bellisimo!

Was extremely excited when I heard that Jamie Oliver was opening one of his ‘Jamies Italian’ restaurants in Nottingham, so being the piggy that I am, had to go down to sample the delights!

The building is amazing-its the former Jazz cafe, next to Paul Smith. It’s huuuuge, over 3 floors and staff offered us a tour-which you have to take, so many rooms!! Although be careful you don’t walk into a management meeting as we did…actually my friend Paul thought it would be funny to push me in…my friends are so mature….hope Jamie wasn’t sat in that meeting?! The decor is so cool….

Our waiter took a bit long to take our order…seemed a bit nervous bless him…but he did make up for it by trying to encourage us to down tequilas…at 2pm on a Monday! We ordered a meat platter to share to tuck into….delicious!

We ordered seperate dishes to try…Carbonara, Prawn Linguine, Rabbit Ragu and Pumpkin Raviloi. I have to say, I think the Carbonara was the fave! All clean plates…carbicide!

Despite feeling 6 stone heavier and barely able to move, obviously managed to polish off a dessert!
Is it weird that one of my favourite parts were the toilets? I really do judge places by their toilets… Make sure you use the ones downstairs. They’re underground, cellar toilets-you can still smell the damp! And the best toilet brand i’ve ever seen…its not everyday you take a photo of a lavatory!

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