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Well done to all the Mo Bros who sacrificed their face for the cause of Movember last month. Let’s be honest, you boys love it. And what’s not to love? You get to do something a little more exciting with your facial regime for a change. I often think how boring it is that you just wash your face, moisturise (depending on how metrosexual) and then you’re deprived all the benefits and fun of make up! Plus, it’s clearly a talking point. I imagine as a single man it’s a useful tool. But fact is, it’s being talked about and that’s the main thing, and for that I applaud you.

This year I was invited to Movember HQ in London to meet fellow Mo Sistas. For anyone who’s now lost on what on earth I’m talking about, Mo Sistas are simply female supporters of Movember. Whether you’ve either been personally affected by cancer or just supporting your caterpillar lipped companion. I went down to meet fellow Mo Sistas who had experienced a similar situation to me. All the ladies I met had lost their Dad or a male family member to Prostate Cancer. We met to share our stories and have a rather fun photoshoot to promote the Mo’s. The stories were frighteningly similar. The way the men were diagnosed, how they ignored symptoms, the route of different treatments and the lack of awareness until it affected us, was all incredible to hear. I think it felt very therapeutic to share such similar tales and spurred us all on to continue raising the awareness as much as possible.

So here was my story. Keep up the good work Movember!

My Mo Sista Story

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