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My Top Ten Motivational Fitness Tips


It’s only in the last eighteen months that I have been able to adopt a different lifestyle incorporating exercise full time. I’ve always been pretty active, but it was sporadic, so I never achieved the results I wanted. I would just do the odd run, gym class, yoga, 5am dancing in a club quite aggressively and wonder why the heck I didn’t look like Britney Spears (I was gonna say circa 1999, but she is in incredible shape at the mo! Her thighs are my fave. Or something less weird).


Shock alert-I am NOT actually a fitness professional (although I do have an A level in P.E. sooo). These are tips I’ve used in the last eighteen months just to keep going as I think a lot of the time fitness advice misses out all the practical elements involved, like incessant hair washing. WHAT A CHORE.




Regular exercise has changed my life, *round of applause from fitfam*. Doing a breakfast show and getting up at 4.30am makes you feel like you have permanent jet lag by 2pm in the afternoon and your productivity levels reach a good -10. I now exercise so I can actually muster enough energy to do something other than slob on a sofa with a bag of Minstrels watching The Kardashians. (FYI there is nothing wrong with that. Scott Disick is LOLZ).


Hope it helps!


  • Try and focus on exercise being not just for weight loss/immediate aesthetic gain, but as a health choice-a way to prolong life and extend energy. You know, to avoid heart disease, diabetes, cancer etc. Those things scare me more than a muffin top.
  • Get good kit. Make it as flattering as poss (the chunky high elasticated waist bands that squeeze you in are basically sport spanx. They make me feel like Jessica Ennis). Get several pairs of leggings, bras and tops so you can’t use the excuse of kit being in the wash.
  • Just DO SOMETHING. When I feel at my most tired, busy etc I know that’s when I HAVE to go. Even if I do a 10 min run and walk home, at least you’ve made an effort and will help you get into the routine of doing it regularly. Also it always wakes me up/relieves any stress. Plus chances are, even if you’ve done a teeny bit, it will encourage you to eat healthier.
  • If short on time/cash/motivation to leave the house, do it at home. When I can’t go to Crossfit/gym or only have 15 mins spare, I do youtube workouts, youtube yoga. There are THOUSANDS and cater for 10 mins to two hours. I’ll post my favourite ones in my next blog.
  • Girls only issue-but co-ordinate around hair washes for convenience. Men will not understand the chore of this, but I try and make sure I do exercise on hair wash days. It’s like I have to earn the wash. When I went through a phase of doing almost daily work outs, obviously cake in dry shampoo or wigs. Unless you have a date/risk of someone wanting to sexily run their hands through your hair. Just wash.
  • Enjoy the ache. If you’re in agony from the previous session that’s good! It means your body is changing. I like it because it feels like you’ve done something, which it has. It doesn’t mean you should rest, in fact as soon as you warm up you’ll be straight back in. Unless you’ve pulled a muscle-in that case ignore me. And don’t sue me. Ta.
  • Measure yourself. NOT on scales. I put on probably about a stone since I exercised regularly, because I gained muscle. I’m guilty of forgetting, but I do have a tape measure (Boots were giving away a great free one which had a health indicator on). As soon as you lose just a millimetre, it feels amazing! You can’t always physically see the difference gradually so this way you can monitor it. Or if you go to a gym, get your body fat measured. I went from 18% to 16% last year and I felt like I could compete in the Olympics. Sadly I celebrated by binging on cookie dough ice cream. This is the one and ONLY reason I probs won’t make Team GB.
  • Buy a rucksack like you’re 14 again. A separate gym bag ready that is easy to carry is essential. Again, sounds obvious but leaving the house looking like a bag lady, especially if you don’t have a car is so annoying. Get yourself a good rucksack on the go. Graffiti optional.
  • If you really despise exercise, this may feel bleak. But your body will always need to exercise. Keep going until you get to the point where not exercising makes you feel dreadful. It does happen. And that’s when you’ll probs start posting pics in your underwear with hashtags saying #fitfam. I cannot believe I have become this person, but I actually take my gym kit on holiday now so I can go for a run/do something. I was just sick in my mouth too.
  • Visualisation helps. But make it realistic. I’m not gonna use a pic of Gigi Hadid. I’m using a video back from my hol last May in California to inspire me, where I felt really good. Plus we did exercise and yoga on the beach most days. URGH, WHO AM I. I know, super cheesy, but it was amazing. We saw dolphins whilst doing squats. They were definitely judging us.


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