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Well this is all terribly exciting. I only started regularly listening to podcasts about two-three years ago. This might sound a bit Partridge but driving has become one of my greatest pleasures now because of them. I have a good 40-50 min commute each way to work, but my fave is my two hour journey to London on a Friday as I get in my car, pop myself through the Costa drive through (they know the order), then get really stuck into a few. One day I aim to drive barefoot to Dundee gorging on a Toblerone.

Working as a radio presenter for the last ten years on a breakfast show, you have so many elements to fit in and work to a very tight clock; news bulletins, travel, ads, music, promotions etc. Whilst I love radio, the idea of simply talking and having zero rules, structure or constraints was a rather thrilling thought. I can even use swear words if I want. I probably won’t; I don’t want it to sound like one of those late night Hollyoaks editions where they just threw in F bombs to sound cool, ‘has anyone seen my f-ing keys’. Chill out Jambo.

There are so many podcasts I adore, I’ve listed my faves below, which you’re allowed to listen to after ours.

Whilst there are still endless ones to discover, I never quite found a British female focused podcast that ticked all the boxes for me, so I decided to create my own. The thought of interviewing inspiring, interesting women was my focus at first, but I wanted to have someone who I could discuss all sorts of topics with on a regular basis; from female social and cultural issues to The Kardashians. There was only one woman for the job; Jennie Longdon. Jennie had worked on our show as a youth for near on seven years, where she worked her way up to be a fully fledged, talented presenter, who began presenting shows throughout the day on Gem 106 (listen to her show Gem anthems-absolute belters, plus she has a disco ball and often gets her mates in to join her for a lol before going out on a Friday or Saturday night).

Before becoming a breakfast show presenter on another station, Jennie used to cover on our show (Sam and Amy) when Sam was off. We always had so much fun, plus it was refreshing to have female company for a change as, let’s be honest, there’s not a lot of female double headed shows out there.

I’ve known Jennie for years, we have the same humour and similar interests but also there’s an age gap, so she’s a bit like my younger sister. So I think it makes it interesting to have the perspectives from a 20 and 30 something (you don’t need the age details exactly). In fact, listen to the first episode and you’ll find out something incredibly shocking about Jennies age.

There’s enough about me on here, but here’s Jennie to tell you more about her…





I don’t make a lot of sense. I love rock music, tattoos, piercings and horror films, but I’m also obsessed with mermaids, unicorns and glitter. If I had the time I would leave the house everyday in full drag make up. I love make up, hair, nails, beautification of all types and clothes. But I regularly dress in boys clothes. Go figure. I’m excited to talk (and laugh) about the things that affect a woman’s life on a daily basis. I’m very much a girls girl who is totally comfortable discussing things that probably should make me uncomfortable.


As much fun as forced posing is, this is probs a more realistic depiction of us.




Quite often Jennie may make comments which will result in my frown line deepening.




But there is a lot of lol’ing.




We really like dogs.




Can you imagine our joy when taking these pics, this nosey little fella strolls up with an ACTUAL PEPERAMI IN HIS MOUTH.





My Fave Podcasts

This American Life; This was the first podcast I regularly indulged in. They cover such a wide range of topics, but the story telling is so captivating. Fascinating stories, brilliantly executed and always interesting. No surprise it’s one of the biggest podcasts in the US.

Serial; If you don’t listen to podcasts much, probably start here. From the creators of This American Life, it’s a real life criminal investigation over the murder of a teenage girl. You will find yourself unable to focus on anything else. You’ll struggle not to binge listen, it’s so brilliantly told and produced, a real work of art.

S Town; Following on from Serial; another fascinating real life story about a journalist who follows up a rather odd email. It’s quite a shocker.

The Guilty Feminist; The title says it all, hilarious comedy show hosted by Deborah Francis White and guests

Iain Lee-The Late Night Alternative; In my opinion one of the best, most entertaining and creative talk broadcasters in the country. Hilarious.

The Adam Buxton Podcast; Great interviews, always with an adorable intro with Rosie his dog.

Mark Maron-WTF; Probably one of the biggest podcasts in the states, if not worldwide. Interviews the biggest names in his garage. One of which was Barack Obama. Particularly enjoy his open monologues/rants. This really helped me get through the whole Trump saga.

Answer Me This; Hosted by the super funny Helen Zaltzman and Olly Mann, answering your questions on pretty much anything. Hence the title… a great listen.

Here’s the Thing; Hosted by Alec Baldwin; interviews with big names. I just love listening to his voice. So smooth. So smooth.

Womens Hour; Always tackling a wide range of issues, a real inspiration and makes me feel dead cleverer.

Get It On; Hosted by Dawn O Porter; chats with celebrity guests about what style and fashion means to them.

Elis james and John Robins; Probs my fave radio duo at the moment.


Hope you enjoy ours! It will be live on 26th July 2017, also join us here…

Twitter: @2nonblondespod

Instagram: @twononblondespodcast 

Facebook: Two Non Blondes Podcast 




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