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When it was announced in the third week of our new job that we had the opportunity to interview Noel Gallagher, I had a mixture of emotions. Initially; pure excitement at the prospect of interviewing one of my musical heroes. Then came the fear. Should you meet your heroes? People you admire not just for their music but also for making you laugh on a regular basis and being the benchmark for cool since you were 13.


We’ve done many interviews over the years so I wasn’t sure why I was so nervous until my brother in law hit the nail on the head by saying ‘you just really want Noel Gallagher to like you’. That was it. I basically wanted him to leave the interview thinking we were BEST FRIENDS, going ‘wow Amy’s alright, she would’ve fitted in so easily at Glastonbury in 95. Maybe I’ll invite her over for Christmas with Kate (Moss obvs) and Bono.’


It’s quite incredible to witness Noel Gallagher enter a room. Mainly as the 15 people who were previously chatting away, fall silent. At first I had concerns that this could be hard work (partly as he’d been sent to the wrong address). But then we got chatting and ultimately, after discussing his new album, Feminism, Matthew McConaughey and touring with U2, we got to the point where I was comfortable enough to address one of the more important things in life, crisps.


Thank you, Noel. You did not disappoint. Phew.










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