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Our Greatest Phone Call, Cucumbers and Middle Class Helpline


On launching a phoner involving the strangest way you’ve acquired an injury, little did we know we’d receive one of our favourite ever phone calls. One man. Mash Potato. And a very unexpected situation.


Then, upon hearing the dramatic news that the price of avocados had shot up due to overwhelming demand, we kindly opened our middle class helpline. Kale eating, Joules wearing, 4 x 4 drivers found solace discussing their woes. Still can’t believe the audacity of Heathers personal trainer taking two weeks off. And that was just one of MANY…


Ps: Can I add; the hideous pink throw you see in the video below was left in the studio and the air con HATES ME. I get real cold. Also I didn’t have control over the screengrab of this video. Which, I, for one, am delighted with.



Then (on a similar middle class theme of making the perfect G & T), we had the cucumber incident…




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