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What I love about a destination wedding (that’s the trendy way of saying a wedding abroad btw), is that it might take you to somewhere you’ve never been before. Or, if the said location isn’t up to scratch, you’ve got a great big smash up anyway, most likely with a free bar so everyone wins!


I would really love to talk a lot about the beautiful parts of Prague, but the reality is, we only really had twenty four hours to explore before the big day. We did attempt to have a good old bash, but the other thing with destination weddings is that all your other pals are also out there, so after looking at a monument, you may spot a really delightful riverside restaurant/bar, which, when combined with thirty five degree heat, results in the only sensible thing to do, which is to sit in said bar for the ENTIRE DAY. Whoops. We did see as much as possible in what was essentially a three hour window though. We went on a pirate ship for drinks, which I think was historic? Have you heard of the famous ‘Captain Morgan’? He rescued many a soul with rum. Plus the wedding was unbelievably pretty. It was like being in The Notebook. Without Ryan Gosling. But who needs him?*


*Me. I do actually.

We stayed at Le Palais Art Hotel. Delicious buffet breakfast. Do I need champagne at 10am with my scrambled eggs? Probably.







At first I was concerned the hotel was a little out the way as we had to get a taxi to the centre. But, to be honest, after being in the centre on a Saturday afternoon I was relieved to leave it. Whilst Prague was very pretty in parts, it was crazy busy and as we weren’t sure where we were going we struggled to find anywhere that wasn’t themed or full of multiple nicknamed t-shirt stag do’s. But, what I did find was a gorgeous little restaurant, Sapori Resturant, in the prettiest square, just five minutes walk from the hotel. It was a stroke of luck and the most perfect meal. I sank these real easy.




Our three hours of tourism in Prague…




I LOVE brightly coloured buildings. Keep it up.




They love these twizzly bread things. Snazzy donuts basically.





As you can imagine, this was VERY exciting.




Wedding time! Quick pre drink. Obvs.











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