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Six Go Glamping!

When my friend invited me Glamping I am almost ashamed to say I was more excited about the prospect than my summer holiday abroad!! If you’re not up to speed with the Glamping phenomenon-it’s basically camping made easy…almost glamorous-hence Glamping…of course. Some people say this is against the whole point of camping. I disagree. Lets be honest, camping can be miserable! If it’s chucking it down (which inevitably it often is) who actually enjoys putting up a soggy tent, waking up to damp clothes, stumbling outside to use the loo in natures garden or grim cold toilet block, probably out of loo roll and sleeping on the floor. Thats never fun…

Glamping is perfect! I love ‘the great outdoors’ therefore always want to go camping but with this you get the best of both worlds. In our case we had a giant tent-reminiscent more of a log cabin, that slept six. Complete with a wood burning stove, large rustic wooden kitchen table, sink, toilet and even….a hot tub!! Well…more like a barrel with hot water but still pretty pimp. It was SO COSY. It was still pretty basic-but in a romantic rustic way. We were actually quite glad when it rained so we could all cosy up in blankets, toast marshmallows and play poker round the kitchen table, whilst boiling kettles of tea on the stove. Sound a bit like The Waltons? Yep-It really was!
We even had to charge the battery powered electricity with a mounted bike on our veranda. Luckily this power lasted a long time-you don’t have to continously power-otherwise someone would be drawing a short straw!
Oh, and being tucked away in the Lake District it was pretty remarkable to step outside onto your own jetty and private lake…with 1920’s wooden boats….wow. Quite possibly one of my favourite ever weekends away!!
Certainly not a bad view to wake up to….
Home Sweet Home….
Lets go boating….
The bike to power electricity…
BBQ. So cool…
Favourite bed I’ve ever slept in. The Rabbit Hutch! No wonder rabbits are so happy….
Tea o Clock
Marshmallow melting…
Natures hot tub….

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