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Some Festive Magic

Excuse the title-couldn’t resist. Love a pun.

This has been one of my favourite ever Christmas’s. I hope that isn’t hideously smug if yours has been more of an endurance test. I’ve had those previously. It can be the best and worst of times. But if it is bad, trust me, there will be good ones. It probably helps that I have 2346 nieces and nephews who generate enough festive energy to power Oxford Streets Christmas Lights. Or it could be the fact my mother presented me and my boyfriend with a ‘Yoga for sex’ book. Yep. That happened. ‘Well you mentioned you enjoyed yoga’. Gosh. No-one saw that coming.

Then it was time to head down South for a Christmas Day Part II with the in laws. I initially find board games are more like bored games, but turns out 4 hours into Balderdash, I was having a ruddy good time. I also achieved a remarkable feat; polishing off an entire brie before anyone else even got a look in. They couldn’t brie-lieve their eyes (I can’t stop). They must think I’m em-mental…

Anyhoo, after a few days of indulgence, it was back to London, where this week I’ve been doing a spot of overtime on Magic FM in London (and goes out across the UK on DAB). It feels lovely and festive walking down Regent and Carnaby Street en route to the studios though the sales. I have bought three things so far. Not a single item was in the sale. Idiot.

I’m on Weds-Fri 2-5pm, so I get to have a lie in which is MARVELLOUS. I also get to play quite a lot of Carly Simon, who is a total babe.

Also can I just crow bar in that after I made a cheese pun on the show (which-I forget when doing a show on your own-goes down like a lead balloon), that the ever so lovely Emma B, who is on after me, said she had a little laugh when she heard it. YES. I know it’s cheesy but it made me feel grate…


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Ps: Off you pop 2016, we all think you’re a massive nit.

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