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Staycations Uk: Holkham, Norfolk

So I had the time booked off work, was supposed to be in Barcelona, but thanks to Coronavirus that was obviously cancelled. Who needs all that sunshine & sangria anyway, bleuuurgh! I wasn’t going to let my time off work go to waste. Not being able to stay anywhere in the UK was still a stumbling block, BUT we can go to the seaside for the day!! Nothing will stop me. Not even torrential rain & a giant thunderstorm.

So off we popped with our waterproofs, to the biggest space of beach I know. Holkham Beach, Norfolk. It’s so vast, so social distancing really isn’t a concern.

The sun DID come out





After the most incredible storm which hit us smack back in the middle of this, which hit us when we had no place to hide…


But, have you even earnt your fish and chips if you haven’t had a sodden day on a British beach? These were marvelous and also┬áturns out, from a chip shop voted one of the best in the UK, French’s Fish shop in Wells (just down the road from Holkham). Result!


All in all, it was a lovely escape to the seaside, especially if you’re looking for somewhere where there won’t be massive crowds. Well, especially when it’s rainy day, I think we saw approximately four people. And Peggy, my dog, said she had a wonderful time. And that’s all that really matters.


holkham JPG copy




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