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Staycations Uk: Whitstable & Yurts



Most British seaside towns can be a bit tacky or in the winter, even a bit depressing if the sun isn’t shining. Apart from Whitstable. It’s so teeny and pretty, with incredible food, regular markets and not an arcade in sight. (FYI not knocking an arcade, they are the very soul of most seaside towns, but I have lost a LOT of coins on that sodding 2p machine). We stayed in an Air B n B cottage. Think it’s probably cheaper to go abroad in the summer, but it’s so pretty and easy to get around as so titchy, plus Peggy can’t hop onto an Easyjet flight so was well worth it.

There are some great restaurants. Obviously you must have oysters and my fave is The Whitstable Oyster Company. Perfectly situated on the seafront with the best fresh seafood, bread and white wine. We also had a delicious meal in Samphire where I ate a giant crab. Very elegantly. In a way.




IMG_5788 2



They do really good sunsets in Whitstable.



One of my favourite trips this year. After Whitstable I decided to add a couple of nights onto the trip, just 90 minutes away as fancied some camping. Sorry, GLAMPING. Let’s be honest, there’s a massive difference and I will always be a lot happier not having to endure a frosty atmosphere whilst attempting to erect tents, or brush my teeth with a bottle of water. I’m really particular about teeth brushing hygiene ok.

This place was pretty unique, as you get the entire mini site to yourself. A yurt as your bedroom, another as a sitting room (which we didn’t even use it’s so spacious) and then a separate cabin with a fully functional kitchen alongside an eco cabin toilet (sawdust at the ready!). All in your own private enclosed area. Perfect. In the middle of nowhere surrounded by trees, whilst the only jobs to do are make tea and a camp fire,. It was idyllic. The only noise we heard in the morning were some rowdy cows. The yurt was so cosy and beautifully done and I enjoyed that it didn’t have electricity so you have to go a bit basic, bed by 9pm! Don’t panic, there’s electricity in the kitchen so you can charge your phone. There’s a proper log burner inside incase it gets chilly, which it didn’t really, but we still used to keep cosy.


IMG_3946 2

In my absolute favourite state. No make up, comfies, brew, sunshine and woodland. I think I was meant to live in Canada in a forest.


What was even more fun about this place is it’s location. As we’ve recently started to embrace a bit of wild swimming, wherever we stay, we’re on the hunt to find a good river/lake where we can go for a dip with the dog. I found a blog which suggested a spot called Fairlight Glen which had a lovely walk through a forest to find this hidden cove. Perfect! So off we went on a little adventure. Only a 15 min drive to the car park which we needed to begin our little trek. It took a while to locate the exact path, but we spotted another guy (in incredibly tight denim shorts btw) and started following him. We went on the coolest little forest trek through woodland and streams, it didn’t feel like being in the UK. Then after about 15-20 mins we spotted this sign and the reason it was perhaps so secret.



Oh hey nudist beach! I have no problem with a nudist beach, in fact, more than happy to be at one with nature so off we trotted. We eventually emerged onto the most stunning little beach spot. Yes there were some bits and bobs dangling about, but clothing was optional so the prudish clothed brigade are also welcome. Luckily the sun came out and we had a lovely dip. I did a nudey swim, mostly to try and embarrass and horrify my boyfriend, but also because a nudey swim feels incredible! And what with us being seasoned campers now, it seemed fitting.




Found this on the forest walk. Cute alert.

The yurts are called the barefoot yurts in Brede, East Sussex. Whitstable was an Air B n B cottage.

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