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I used to plaster my walls and I mean not leave an inch uncovered with my Mark Owen posters. Some were the centre spreads from Big and Smash Hits which opened out into giant wall sized delights. Some were a 2cm by 2cm pic, manually cut with scissors. The crush was intense.


My love for Take That, like many, continued into my adult years. I cried when they split. My friend Lisa mocked me. We didn’t talk for a while. When Robbie left he was the TRAITOR. The forgiveness took a while. It hurt when he refused to show up on that reunion TV show. Their little faces.


So when I heard we were interviewing them this week, it seemed a perfect opportunity to present them with the clock I made in CDT, (Craft, Design and Technology obvs), age 13. It had been sat in my loft for 20 long years. It was in perfect working order, until the moment we were waiting to go into the studio to meet the boys and DISASTER STRUCK. The clock had broken in my not so trusty backpack. Thanks a lot Mr. Shippon!


But then something truly magical happened…





As Mark spent the rest of the interview fixing my pride and joy, we tackled the issue of Gary’s hygiene…





Finally it was time to put the boys through their paces to prove I know their music better than they do.







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