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Why do I find myself perplexed by Hiddleswift? If you don’t know who I mean, the Taylor Swift/Tom Hiddleston debacle of a relationship that just ended. Let’s go with what we all believe to be true; that it was a terribly played out publicity stunt. Gosh, how embarrassing. At least he remained cool throughout though.


So apparently many a celeb has embarked on a celebrity relationship to enhance their career. I appreciate how either party can gain a lot from this agreement but what I don’t get is just how UTTERLY NUTS IT IS AND THEY’RE OK WITH THAT.

I have questions;

-Does either party date ‘normally’ on the side?

-Do they have an actual bash at going out with each other? Bit like a celeb version of First Dates. But not filmed. Or with that French dude.

-Are they allowed to tell their mums?

-Is she allowed to borrow his jumpers?

regina-and-her-little-workers-mean-girls-regina-george-the-queen-bee-25222856-600-736I’m sure it’s a totally normal, run of the mill procedure for a celebrity and they think very little of it. But, can you imagine looking back on your life and thinking ‘ah that was a good idea and not a totally soul sapping experience, where I made up a whole part of my life so I’d get a bit more cash and people could adore me’. YUK. I dunno how you swallow that one. I’m just baffled that any human can be that bothered about being a household name? Which is the only reason I can imagine Tom Hiddleshift did it (I didn’t know who he was prior to this tbf-and I think I literally just got his name wrong). Strikes me as a terribly sad, depressing way to find your fulfilment. Swifty’s an odd one as she was already super famous. If anything, a tad over exposed. You’ve made it Swifster, sit back and chill out! With your squad. Oh here they are.


They both have genuine talents so I feel this has ultimately exposed them to the grottier side of celebrity. Some have compared this to ‘Kardashian type behaviour’. But at least they don’t try and be subtle about it. Whatever it takes Kimmy. Whatever it takes.



So basically my conclusion is that this kind of behaviour is super grot. What if they’re missing out on meeting real people for genuine relationships?! What if I start caring about this as though it’s actually important? And even worse;


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