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The Daily Dose of Poison

I know the majority are aware that the purpose of the Daily Mail is to spread general hate and fear across the nation, whilst pointing out the most pointless, vacuous and usually vicious details of any ‘celebrity’. To be honest it’s become a form of entertainment. For example, my personal favourite story of today is Caroline Flack stepping out in a scarf. That is the ACTUAL HEADLINE. WHAT?! She’s wearing an actual scarf?! Well how is she wearing it?! Is this the first time?! Is she warm enough? Where the hell did she buy it? More importantly, have the authorities been alerted?! How have we only just found this out!!! I jest; but just read the comments below the article. Far more comical than the ludicrous headlines themselves. Although worryingly not a single one of them is joking.

I’m, of course not the first to point out this hilarity. And I’m aware that it’s one of the most popular websites in the UK. I view it daily. I wanna say mainly for work, as it is annoyingly useful, but that aside, it is addictive. A bit, I imagine, like crack. Horribly poisonous & destructive but something keeps you popping back. But upon seeing articles like this (regularly), it sends a rage throughout me that makes me want to punch my laptop. And that’s just stupid because I paid for it.

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‘As she reveals struggle to lose baby weight’. I’ve not had a baby, but this continuous obsession with baby weight is so hideous. Call me old fashioned but my belief is that once you’ve had a baby, your priority should really be your…BABY? I struggle to consistently eat healthily and exercise now without the responsibility of keeping, what I’m lead to believe, is a rather demanding human being alive. The only thing Kimberly has actually been quoted as saying is, ‘The weight is coming off gradually and I didn’t expect to be back to normal by now anyway – it takes a while to lose baby weight and you shouldn’t rush it.’ So…whereabouts is Kimberly revealing a ‘struggle’ then? That seems a perfectly sensible response to what has probably been an infuriating bombardment of post baby weight gain questions. So who is it that thinks Kimberly is struggling then? Ahh nice one Daily Fail.

I despair.

But, in a vein to not end on a negative note with how dismal our cultural obsession with celebrity cellulite/baby weight gain is, here’s a selection of more positive/ empowering/worthwhile/enjoyable websites that hopefully you can retrain your default boredom setting to. Stylist is actually the only womens magazine I bother with. Less of ‘Is He The One’ and ‘what nail colour represents your relationship’ multiple choice crap quizzes. A far sleeker mix of fashion, travel, food, beauty and books. Plus you can get your celebrity fix, but in a more pro women, less bitchy highlighting of their cellulite type form. Bit of everything; News, blogs, comedy, celebrities, politics, business etc. If you haven’t indulged in pinterest yet and created your own boards, you’re about to enjoy wasting so many hours of your life. Seriously addictive…but so good for finding inspiration for ANYTHING. I have redesigned pretty much every room of my house with this, new hairstyles, make up and travel ideas. Warning: you may lose hours but remember it IS productive.

This is my board to give you ideas For general lolz. If you’re interiors obsessed as I am, I can look at this for hours. Everything they post is everything I want. Constant source of inspiration and home envy.

Oliver Bonas If all else fails go shopping…

Rose and Grey I’ll have it all thanks