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The Madness of May

As I sit here in my garden in this deliciously searing heat, I’ve had a delightfully chilled out weekend of pottering, sunbathing and most importantly shaping my nieces and nephews future by teaching them Poddy 1, 2, 3. So, I’ve finally had a chance to blog about the last month or so which has been extremely hectic but incredibly exciting. Here’s a few highlights…


Graeme Swann Testimonial

First up, Sam and I hosted Graeme Swanns testimonial evening at Colwick Hall in Nottingham. My vast knowledge of cricket was spared as Graeme, Stuart Broad, James Anderson and the highly entertaining Joe Root sparked off each other in a Q & A.

Swanny     Swanny 1

Plus Sam finally got to kiss Swanny. Cute.

Swanny 2


Sony Radio Awards 

A week later we were at the Grosvenor Hotel for the prestigious Sony Awards. I’m sure you’ve heard me harp on about them enough, but if not here’s a conclusive account of the evening which I wrote for the wonderful team at Sound Women… My  Sony blog

And here’s a few pics I discovered on my phone the next day…

Pre awards obligatory outfit selfie. Obvs.

Dress: Urban Outfitters. Shoes: Ted Baker. Jewellery: Stella and Dot


Flirting with Dermy


Gawping at Robbie


Chris Evans, with son Noah who introduced Robbie on stage. He’s gonna be popular at school…


Yooou beaaauuuty!



Monaco Grand Prix

A week later I was lucky enough to attend the Monaco Grand Prix for the first time. Having grown up in a household where Formula One was practically religion, it had always been the one sporting event I was desperate to attend. And it didn’t disappoint. Everything you expect; the glamour, yachts, champagne, celebrities and excitement are in abundance. With all that in mind I still managed to pack my entire weekends outfits into HAND LUGGAGE. I’m still proud. *Round of applause*.

The weekend started as surreal as expected when I stepped on board my Easyjet flight to Nice and Princess Beatrice was sat a few seats ahead of me. I wondered how many Royals travelled on budget airlines? Do they have to pay extra when their luggage is overweight? Do they automatically get to queue in speedy boarding? I can’t quite imagine Liz and Phil ordering a ham and cheese panini and a mini tub of Pringles.

Highlights were being unable to reach our spot for the track as the road was closed so having to endure what can only be described as a death defying boat ride through the choppiest waves I’ve ever known in order to reach the marina. It was one of those thrilling moments you enjoy more afterwards when you realise you’re still alive.

The Red Bull party overlooking Monaco was unreal. Especially when I got chatting to Felix Baumgartner, the man who skydived from the Earths stratosphere. At least I hope I was having a conversation with him and not just bombarding him with questions. But the man skydived practically from SPACE.


The noise and the buzz when the race started was something else. I decided I wouldn’t mind being a millionaire…


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