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Tulum, Mexico


I had heard about Tulum through a couple of friends years ago who’d been travelling. It sounded perfect; incredible beaches, buckets of booze for a few quid, plenty of beads to make you feel like a hippy and super cheap accommodation in the form of beach huts. It had been on my list of places to go for so long, almost ten years, so no surprise that Tulum had changed somewhat since then. With an influx of Instagram influencers, it had stepped up a notch, as had the prices, but don’t let that put you off. It’s actually rather entertaining watching the photoshoots unfold. I mean, obviously I coerced my boyfriend reluctantly to take some snaps.

As it had been on my list for so long I’d spent years looking hotels and saving the ones I favoured. So, after booking flights, my boyfriend and I decided to spend the following weekend picking our hotel, I was so excited! Mid week, I woke up from an afternoon nap to a barrage of Whatsapp messages from him. Turns out, someone had got bit bored at work and decided to check out hotels in excitement as well. The conversation went like this:

-Just looking at hotels, this looks good, what do you think?

*no reply as napping*

-I’ll book it anyway as it’s free cancellation

-Oh sh*t it’s not free cancellation, hope you like it!

Immediately I panicked, as I’d already pain stakingly (and I mean, not just hours, but essentially years of researching) picked my top three. I love travel and visiting new places, so hotel searching is one of my favourite pastimes. The hotel he’d chosen wasn’t in my top three. Not even my top twenty. Truth be told, I wouldn’t have even clicked on it. One-it didn’t look very modern/instagram ready and two-it was fifteen minutes out of Tulum. Who would pick that from all the incredibly perfect hotels along the beach?!

I was so gutted. I’ll be honest, it took a great deal of deliberating over cancelling and taking the hit of a cancellation fee. But I decided to not be a brat, get over it and crack on. Turns out it was the best mistake he ever made

So this was our view which I was pretty content with. Due to jet lag we woke at 5am every morning with the sunrise. We pretty much had that pier to ourselves. Aside from a few pecky, big beaked birds.





There was such a charm about Blue Sky Tulum. It hadn’t been affected by the crowds or influencers. It felt so remote-yet actually so close. The staff were all locals and so friendly. Eric made the best frozen Margaritas I’ve ever experience (to be honest, never been into them until now), where we found ourselves tucking in as early as 10am most mornings. We WERE up at 5am.

Eric and his pal Enrique also suggested we went fishing. I wasn’t that bothered initially, but my boyfriend was. Again-one of the best experiences of the trip. Not only did just the four of us head out on our little vessel, far from the over crowded, tourist vessels we’d spotted before, but I CAUGHT A BARRACUDA. What an unexpected incredible feeling I never knew I wanted. Felt glorious. Then, when back at the hotel they rustled us up some fresh ceviche and fillet from our catches. Sorry Mr Barracuda, but you fulfilled a good life!



Turns out, where we were staying was absolutely perfect. Tulum is an incredible place and I would happily return. However, from heading to all the ‘picture perfect’ hotels lining the beach for dinner, there really was a very ‘instagram’ feel about it. Don’t get me wrong-I enjoy an instagram post, I like blogging about my travels, but there is a limit. From the moment we stepped on the beach, within half a mile we saw at least four people conducting a ‘photoshoot’. From endless star jump boomerangs to pensive sitting in the sea shots (yes ok-guilty), but when there’s a tripod and a crew involved, simmer down.





One afternoon we nipped to Casa Malca for the day, Pablo Escabars old gaff, now turned into an incredible hotel and restaurant.







Seeing as we hadn’t ended up in one of my dream hotels, I had a little idea. There was one remarkable hotel I’d had my eye on for a while, so decided, as an anniversary surprise I’d book us a night there, just so I could check if it was worth it (plus a week there would’ve meant selling a kidney). The Azulik was insane! Like a giant hotel treehouse, with the best view I of a hotel I’ve ever known. I felt like an Ewok. Every detail was just amazing. However, if you are not, ahem, spiritually inclined, brace yourself for the welcome ceremony-where me and my boyfriend had to stand opposite each other, close our eyes, while a man walked round us chanting and wafting incense. I’m all for an experience but I was very cautious not to open my eyes or we would start giggling. The other good thing about not booking for a week, is I hadn’t noticed it was entirely free of electricity. Where would we charge our phones?! (Don’t worry there’s a charge point in communal areas #phew). But no air con? Fine for a night or two, but Mexico gets pretty toasty… If you wanted to order room service, you wrote it on a piece of paper and put it into a wooden vessel onto a giant wooden conveyor belt system, then watched it travel down to reception. So cute.


Another little surprise (I really didn’t read the small print). It’s a nudity friendly hotel, adults only. Now, I’m fully comfortable getting my kit off, but, again, try not to laugh when you look to the treehouse to the left and there’s a lot more than you bargained for on show. Especially annoying when the girl next to us looked like a Kendall Jenner.




Probably my favourite ever breakfast/bath view





Tulum was one of the best holidays I’ve ever had. So stunning, amazing food, the most beautiful beaches and just so very very cool. Whether influencing or not, you’ll have the best time #blessed.

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