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How we influenced the Royal Wedding, PMT helpline and we’re joined by stand up comedian, actress, producer, writer, New York times bestseller and all round utterly brilliant Amy Schumer!

‘Ooops upside your hips’. Jennie rebrands a classic party tune and how Amy got on DJing at a teenage disco. Ahead of the Royal wedding, concerns over the stability of Harry and Meghan plus why Jennie ended up throwing a curry at a wall.


This episode, why I barely recognised Jennie and why she can’t open dishwashers anymore. We see the return of trendy biker clothing and the nob column. Why Jennie won’t work for Radio 4 (this is an explicit ep-AGAIN), why soaps are shit, first kisses and Victoria Beckham spotting.

This week we’re joined by the brutally honest and hilarious, Kate Lawler. Discussing her journey from becoming the first female Big Brother winner, experiencing instant fame and bizarre offers from newspapers, to social media and laser hair removal. We delve into her time on Love Island, Celebrity Wrestling, RISE and much more.

Also, how Amy got on on her solo holiday and Jennie discusses a dog called Howard.

This episode sounds terrible. We attempted Skyping and it’s gone terribly wrong, but as Jennie says ‘you’re on our journey’ so you’ll have to endure it with us. Also, why Amy’s going on holiday on her own, how many people we’ve slept with, Jennifer Lawrence coat debate & pit girls.


Why Amy’s been crying (someone’s had a drink and overshares). The staggering reason Jennie & Amy didn’t become dancers, Oprah Winfrey, and Sex music. Happy Valentines Blondies!


In this weeks episode we aim to inspire! Not with our chat about our lack of participation in dry January, but with our special guest, TV & radio presenter, Danni Menzies. How Danni went from being riddled with anxiety and agoraphobia, to landing one of the best TV jobs in the world. Plus; Times Up campaign, dating and the best decision she ever made.



Our special festive edition! Jennie presents Amy with the greatest ever secret santa, what makes Amy cry every New Years Eve, plus don’t listen if you’re friends with Paul McCartney, drink pumpkin spiced lattes and get excited by the Coca Cola van.


Investigating why Jennie’s turning into Avril Lavigne, Amy attempts to be trendy, making friends in your thirties and is it a myth that men are the messier sex? Plus what Jennie does with cutlery is going to baffle you.

It’s the first episode of Season 2 and much has changed! We catch up after an 8 week break to see if Amy has turned a bit ‘London’, why Jennie isn’t wearing a bra, cupping, hedgehog hospitals and the decline of the Kardashians.