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Some of my interview highlights featuring Noel Gallagher discussing feminism, Ed Sheeran on Doritos and covering Rachel Platten in M & M’s



First Noel Gallagher, then another one of my heroes pops in for a chat, Steve Coogan.

Here we chat about his new film ‘The Dinner’, being punched by Richard Gere, sharing a bed with Liam Gallagher and Trevor McDonald impressions.

Splendid and tremendous.




Went to Mexico. Accidentally found myself staying in a nudist hotel.



With the new season upon us, see if you can answer of these tricky football questions.

I’m the East Midlands answer to Alan Hansen. I would also marry him.



THRONE FANS. The time is upon us. Winter is coming. So is the excitement and outfit preparation. I am a pretty big fan. Huge. I sit on a home made throne every day at my place of work. I even have a GOT colouring book. The emotional rollercoaster Game Of Thrones imposes upon me is like nothing else. So I feel I must apologise for any excess passion in this chat.

We recently re-watched Season 6. I did 10 episodes in one weekend, confirming the fact that GOT really is built for bingeing. I would love to take the risk of saving up this entire next series to binge on in one go, but alas, I simply cannot trust the spoiler brigade. If you are guilty of ‘OMG can’t believe ******** is dead’, please take a moment to think about what purpose that serves? You can still have a good debrief on social media without dropping bombs. Give it some thought. I accidentally dropped a colossal spoiler regarding series 1 to my boss, who has never let me forget it. I don’t want you to have that on your conscience. In my defence I was under the belief he’d watched the whole of series 1. So more of a technicality…

ANYHOO-here is our off air, in depth GOT spoilers and all chat. So if you ARE up to speed, here’s our debrief on what’s happened thus far and what we think is to come. Would love to hear your thoughts. LET’S THRONE.

This. Just this.




You know how you used to get embarrassed so easily as a teenager? Hideous time. Millennials have no idea how lucky they are to have self service check outs in Boots.

We thought it was pretty difficult to get embarrassed as an adult. Turns out we were wrong. Here are the results of our ‘Pot of Embarrassment’ challenges. Most recently-the autograph challenge (above), was by far the worst. We do this so you don’t have to.






On launching a phoner involving the strangest way you’ve acquired an injury, little did we know we’d receive one of our favourite ever phone calls. One man. Mash Potato. And a very unexpected situation.


Then, upon hearing the dramatic news that the price of avocados had shot up due to overwhelming demand, we kindly opened our middle class helpline. Kale eating, Joules wearing, 4 x 4 drivers found solace discussing their woes. Still can’t believe the audacity of Heathers personal trainer taking two weeks off. And that was just one of MANY…


Ps: Can I add; the hideous pink throw you see in the video below was left in the studio and the air con HATES ME. I get real cold. Also I didn’t have control over the screengrab of this video. Which, I, for one, am delighted with.



Then (on a similar middle class theme of making the perfect G & T), we had the cucumber incident…





Our full chat backstage with Ed Sheeran. Covering off the important topics of Neighbours, Doritos and the lyrics to Snap’s ‘Rhythm Is A Dancer’.







After hearing the devastating news that Neighbours was facing the axe by Channel 5, due to low audience figures, I decided it was time to ACT. My #saveneighbours campaign began. Sure, I hadn’t watched it for the last ten years either, but it is a British institution. Only this week Prince William said he watched it growing up. ROYALTY NEED NEIGHBOURS.

After a few weeks of watching daily epsiodes, I cannot believe the drama that has unfolded. Or that Susan and Karl Kennedy are still so solid. So, please get stuck in. And if you’re not sure, here’s one of my favourite ever videos from the show. Look out for Paul Daniels. And Paul Robinson.