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Valentines-The Rules

Right then-I feel weird about Valentines Day. This all stemmed from the days at High School, when every year there would be a post box the week before the ‘big day’. The day you were either showered with love or REJECTED!! Seems a lovely idea of course? Wrong. Every single year I’d send a card to the floppy haired crush i’d never said a single word to….then wait anxiously, excitedly for that moment the teacher came round with that batch of red cards…and you’d sit and wait for your name…until it got to that last card, and it wasn’t for you….DENIED!! In front of the whole class. Oh good, no-one loves me and now everyone knows it. I got a card ONE YEAR!! ONE YEAR! Out of 4 pretty excrutiating angst ridden teenage years. Thank you Casey Loughran. I’ll never forget that one card. There was always one girl as well who got a card, tacky teddy, chocolates etc…show off!! This is where the bitterness began…

Truth is, I do believe that yes, it’s tacky, commercialised etc etc. We all know that. When I was single I genuinely wasn’t that bothered because I truly believed that and it wasn’t a big deal. I remember going out with my single girlfriends on Valentines night and giggling at the awkward couples who looked bored out of their mind with their forced ‘romantic’ chat. However…now i’m in a relationship, it’s actually quite important. Mainly because, well…you expect a card! And if you don’t…what does that mean?! Luckily my boyfriend is rather good at the romance stuff…plus the daily reminders over the last week didn’t give him much chance to forget. However…with an ex I jokingly hinted at ‘my card for Valentines day’. Which he replied ‘its tacky I dont believe in it, i’m not bothereing with a card, I’ll be romantic when I want to be’. Again-valid point of course. However…I still assumed an obligatory card would be in the post? He was doing the whole ‘throwing me off the scent gag’ surely! I actually could not believe how gutted and damn right outraged I felt when I actually DIDN’T get a card. It was year 7 all over again…but far worse. I actually had a boyfriend who didn’t send one?! I’d sent him one! Suffice to say that was the beginning of the end…not just that instance, but it set the tone. So gents….we’re not being high maintenance. It’s just nice. It’s just the rules. It’s just for that 13 year old who didn’t get a card for years. SEND ONE!!

Got this for xmas…now i have to cook something in it…..Cheese casserole anyone?! (or pop to M & S for that Valentines offer….he’ll never know….;)

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