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Winter Olympics Bandwagon-Snow Related Blog

Have you been watching the Winter Olympics feeling all inspired to pull out some sick frontside rodeos and a neat little triple cork down the half pipe? Probably not. But you may well have thought that a skiing or snowboarding holiday is suddenly a lot more appealing? Before I give you a little guide into some of my favourite places to ‘shred it up’ (oh dear god) then let me reassure you that I have never pulled any of those moves and barely know what they mean. I am by no means some kind of ski pro, but I do love a leisurely little ski and even dabbled with a snowboard until I realised how ridiculously painful falling over is and needed a break so strapped back on my trusty planks (not gnarly enough).

I’ve been skiing since I was a teenager and can safely say it is my favourite kind of holiday. Even if you’ve never skied before, or tried it and not actually been that good, I don’t think there is a more visually breathtaking view than sitting on a ski lift to the top of a piste then whizzing down on a pair of planks. Then of course, there’s the Apres side of it. A hard days skiing, which burns a hell of a lot of calories, quite rightly deserves a few gluhweins (basically hot mulled wine) and a few flugels (small european type red bull).

If, by the way, you’ve never skied and not sure whether to go for a snowboard or pair of skis, it’s as simple as this. Snowboarding looks cooler. And more fun. Fact. Skiing is a lot less painful when you fall over but recently have found my ski boots overwhelmingly uncomfortable, unlike snowboard boots. It’s a matter of choice and I think skiing was easier to learn but then I was a lot younger and a lot more brave…

My most recent visit was here and as they are right next to each other is great value as bit of a 2-4-1 as it were. A picture paints a thousand words so just look at these…


Even if you just spend the day sat on the ski lifts…


Spot of husky racing for the afternoon on the frozen lake.


One of the best mountain top bars I’ve ever been to. The infamous La Folie Douche.



Another resort I visited twice in one season I loved it so. In the Austrian mountains lies this delightful little town. So pretty and quaint and all this retained even when the mighty Snow festival ‘Snowbombing’ descends on it every April. Which, hosted some of the best experiences of my life.

Snowbombing Road Trip. We drove from Dover to Mayrhofen over two days, crossing through five countries (England, France, Belgium, Germany and Austria), covering 900 miles.

Video sums it up best really.



Party amongst the mountains, quite surreal. Ridiculously good.



Norman Jays infamous ‘Good Times’ bus. Still no idea how they got this on the ski lift.



I stayed on this mountain alone, refusing to leave until I could snowboard. Many bruises acquired and bad language used.


Finally got it. See you later skiing!


Mr.Motivator obviously on hand for the mornings warm up.

Mayrhofen forest run, pre Snowbombing trip. My favourite.




Looking down at Mayrhofen. Decent view…


Ice igloo bar.