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You Should Know This. But I Bet You Don’t…

I know it’s annoying when you get bombarded with charity causes, awareness campaigns, causes etc etc etc. This month is Prostate Cancer Awareness month. And the sad fact is that you only ever really get involved or take notice of a campaign until it affects you directly. I had no idea about Prostate Cancer and how common it was until my Dad was diagnosed with it. Not enough is done to recognise this!!


Did you know that?

My Dad lost his battle to this hideous disease 2 years ago. I don’t need to go into details about the illness. To be honest, what I’d rather do is talk about how awesome my Dad was!! And the fact is-he was one of lifes true gents, a legend. And everyone says that about their Dad, but seriously….my Dad was a Pilot! Not just a commercial pilot and well respected intructor….but an aerobatics pilot!!!! That is cool….plus he used to look like this…What a stud….

My Dad was super healthy-didn’t drink, smoke etc and this happened to him. It still shocks me and I miss him everyday. Breast cancer and so many other cancers have got the coverage they deserve….lets do the same for Prostate Cancer.


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