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I go through phases with my girl crushes. The first I remember was Dannii Monigue when I was about 10. I preferred her to Kylie because everyone loved Kylie and Dannii was a bit less ‘obvious’. Plus she had dark hair and so did I. Ridiculous.

Just to clear this up…mainly incase you are male and don’t quite understand the ‘Girl Crush’ concept. Sadly it isn’t who I’d like to spend a night with. It is who I’d like to either look like/dress like/act like/perform like/be like/want their hair or boyfriend. Basically admire in some way.

Brief Britney-Slave era only….shaved head-not so much. Abs.
Went downhill with the pretty embarrassing Spice Girl crush. Geri Halliwell. Mainly when she became ‘Trixie Firecracker’. Lets try and forget about this one shall we….
Teenage angst lead to Avril Lavigne…you know when she kicks that door in ‘I’m With You’. I like…totally got that.
Then the Gwen Stefani stage….(still ongoing tbf)

Katy Perry….
Moss (also ongoing) Still want this exact dress (not the Topshop crappy copy)
And now, introducing my new latest addition….Lana Del Ray. She is like…so hot right now…
Watch the vid…

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