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I’m on the Tele.

So I’ve recently been filming for Now Music TV which is all terribly exciting. (No, I’m not leaving the show btw). I’m just doing a bit of a J-Lo. (Or a more modern reference of someone who does more than one job). I’m not about to do a dance breakdown halfway through either ala J-Lo. Well, unless you ask. I think I’ve got sidetracked by J-Lo here…however IF I do get to interview her one day, I will most definitely stop the interview mid way and perform a dance breakdown. WHAT AM I TALKING ABOUT.

Anywaaaaay, so I’ve sat down with several up and coming artists, who all turned out to be enormous fun. Which was a real added bonus; because, well, let’s be honest, that’s not always a given. Mentioning no names (Marti Pellow).

First up I had a chat with Elle King, who genuinely is a real life badass. My leopard print top paled in comparison next to her hair pink hair, tattoos (one involving a really blue word) and the fact she refused to drink water because it was so boring *kicks water filtered bottle with a slice of fresh lemon under the chair*. ‘Yeah I just drink whiskey too Elle. NEAT.’ *Oh god please don’t suggest we actually drink whiskey, I can’t bear it*. We did a rundown of the Top 20 Badass ladies. It was a LOT of fun. We highfived several times so I think that makes us best friends. Forever.


Elle really enjoyed our chat.


Next up was Rachel Platten. I had this impression that Rachel would be this squeaky clean, all American bundle of loveliness. Whilst she is all of the above, she was also a little naughty and completely bonkers. In a good way. Not Britney circa 2007 way. Luckily Rachel was very much on board with a ridiculous nonsensical game involving peanut m & m’s which we couldn’t decide on the right title for, so asked Rachel to pick. She went for Rachel’s nuts. And proceeded to pour them over her head. Again, we had a lot of fun.

IMG_1720  IMG_1727

The next interview to be aired will be with grammy award winning, super cool wild animal that is Foxes. She’s not really a wild animal, that’s just a crap gag, she’s a human and a really good singer. And again, a joy to interview. I don’t mean to harp on about this and sound really cringey and sycophantic, but interviews are very much a two way street; so to have artists who are up for it makes a MASSIVE difference. We discussed the time she got banned from Toys R Us in Southampton and awkwardly I kept accidently touching her knee because she was wearing ripped jeans and we were sat very close together. It kept happening to the point I had to stop mentioning it. Luckily I think it was more of a bonding moment. For me anyway. There’s a chance she thought I was pretty odd but she covered it well. Plus she does modelling so tried to help me do a duckface. I am a terrible duck.


I think this one suits me better. This is possibly illustrating the excessive knee touching.


You can catch all the interviews on Now Music TV, Channel; Sky 378, Freeview 241, Virgin 345. Check my twitter for transmission dates.