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Record Breakers-Awooga!

A few weeks ago we had a text in on the show asking why ‘Dangerous Dave’ was in fact labelled ‘Dangerous’. Well, to be honest, with Dave being a super polite, straight laced church attending good christian boy, it was kind of…ironic. However it only seemed fair that we at least put his name to the test and allow him to prove himself as ‘Dangerous’. It would be fun for us if anything?! We have made him eat the worlds hottest chilli in the past which almost floored him but we needed something a bit more challenging. He seemed reluctant but also excited by the prospect of a challenge so your suggestions came flooding in…

After the initial influx of bungee jumps, sky diving etc etc, we came across one text which we decided was the most unique…and funniest for us…err, I mean, Dave. This wasn’t just for our pleasure of course…it was to prove a point. So the decision was made. The initial suggestion was that Dangerous Dave would ride a rollercoaster for the duration of the show. We liked the idea…but didn’t feel it was quite edgy enough. That was pretty easy. But would it be easy riding it for a full 24 hours?! Oh…and while we’re at it, why not stay on long enough to smash a Guinness World Record?! At least you’re achieving something from it then! Dave didn’t seem keen. Sadly we were and the wheels were put in motion.

Local theme park Twinlakes jumped in and offered us their log flume ride-which turned out even better as you have the added obstacle of water to deal with. Oh dear David. It was starting to become a rather miserable prospect. Especially after we headed down to test the log flume…and it was a lot steeper and stomach churning than I thought! Not to mention pretty uncomfortable…who wouldn’t want to sit on a wooden bench for 24 hours?! To clarify-and clear up those grotty gritty details-under the rules of Guinness, Dave would be allowed a 5 minute break every hour, to nip to the loo or whatever he liked. He could choose to build these minutes up if he stayed on longer than an hour. Just needed to clear that up….

First of all…we had to get Dangerous Dave trained up and prepared for 24 hours of…well, getting wet…

And he’s off….
Sam and I took some time to get used to accommodation for the evening….
11.30pm-16 Hours into the world record attempt….did some Late Night Fluming with Dave. Citing!

After a good nights sleep, feeling refreshed, Sam and I did the show live from the rooftop of the winnebago the next morning. Dave was still going strong….23 hours in. Bless it…
Then at 24 Hours, 14 Minutes and 45 seconds, Dangerous Dave completed the Guinness World Record for the longest time spent on a theme park ride. Relatively unscathed and most importantly, still alive… AWOOGA!
Roy would have been proud…

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