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Summer Sundae

Being a Leicestershire girl born and bred it was ruddy exciting when I first started going to Summer Sundae two years ago. A mini festival right on my doorstep, with the line up of artists getting bigger and better year by year. But in all honesty, the music is just a small part of it. The whole atmosphere of the festival is awesome, so friendly, chilled out and great fun. I mean…when there’s giant cereal bowls and noodle discos on offer, what’s not to love? I like to think it’s like a teeny weeny piece of Glastonbury. Except I don’t have to sleep in a wet/sweaty tent. Who needs Bono or Beyonce?!

Oh hi…

And I was all limbered up.

Friday night we smashed straight into some reggae from ‘Toots and the Maytals’, then topped it off with a Wagamamas, which coincidently had a dj spinning some 90’s hip hop. Noodles and hip hop? Yeah that happened. I didn’t see him but I imagine Jay Z was there somewhere…

Want chandelier.

I love campervans. This Airstream was so cool. Bought a drink from it purely on that basis.

With the band….

Pals in a big cereal bowl ala ‘Honey I shrunk the Kids’

My new compact camera.

Saturday was all about mojitos in the sun, watching Amy Winehouses god daughter-Dionne bromfield, incredible voice! Then Newton Faulkner at sunset…straight onto our personal fave…the silent disco…

Teens leave such profound messages on the free writing wall. We drew a pair of tits. WE.ARE.28.YEARS.OLD.

Sunday was a bit of a struggle after a couple of debaucherous days (getting old) but managed to squeeze in a spot of McFly. Saw them backstage briefly, they seemed lovely. Watched about 20 minutes of them before realising I wasn’t a 13 year old girl…and I only knew 2 of their songs. However they were putting on a great show for the screaming teens!
I am still very tired…all in all great result once again for Summer Sundae. It just gets better every year. Fingers are firmly crossed for Coldplay, Kings of Leon and U2 next year….come on Bono-you and The Edge can stay at mine?! Bring a sleeping bag though.

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