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The Boudoir Experience

A few weeks ago, when I received an e-mail from a friend asking if I wanted to take part in a ‘Boudoir Photo Experience’, my inital reaction was to politely decline. Don’t get me wrong-I enjoy photoshoots for work! Who doesn’t enjoy getting their hair and make up done, getting dressed up and pretending they’re Kate Moss. (I don’t really pretend to be Moss…much) But this was different. I’d be posing in my pants! I just had visions of me-in my underwear, awkwardly writhing around ala Jordan…and the thought made me cringe….and filled me with angst-because, as much as you see yourself in your underwear at home, in the comfort of your room-hidden from all to see, and even if you’re fairly happy with that…you have no idea what you look like on PHOTOGRAPH. I mean…the camera adds ten pounds doesn’t it?! However…after a little gentle persuasion and the niggle in my head that I should always ‘seize every opportunity’ I decided to take the plunge…

After arriving, settling in and a cheeky drink later, I was amazed at how quickly and easily I got into it….It certainly helped having a female photographer. We were straight down to business and before I knew it, I was…quite embarassingly….chanelling my inner ‘Satine’, ala Moulin Rouge. In fact I was putting her to shame (in my head). I absolutely adore anything Burlesque/Parisian themed which is the whole feel of the style of the shoot. So when the suggestion of ‘losing it all’ and stripping to, well *ahem* nothing…I willingly obliged. Lets not get carried away….my modesty was cleverly disguised and they were just a few tasteful ‘contour’ shots. Plus I’m sure I shall enjoy looking back over them once I’m in my 80’s! I know it’s incredibly cliche, but the whole experience was totally liberating and just a lot of fun!
Here are a few I dare share….






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