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Game of Thrones Binge

Yes, yes I know I’m three years late to the party but bloody hell Game of Thrones is a bit good isn’t it!! Initially I wasn’t sure about the fantasy element, but then I remembered how much I like goblins* and ladies with really long brightly coloured hair. That sounds a bit weird but, seriously, how great is their hair?! Don’t even get me started on Khaleesi; my current girl crush. Hair-tick. Picture perfect beautiful face-tick. Worlds greatest warrior-TICK.

This is what I really love. Whilst the women do you get a pretty raw deal throughout, it’s so refreshing to see such a flock of dominant, gutsy, powerful women. I was never a fan of the meek, girly Rapunzel hair brushing princess types when I was growing up. Possibly due to the fact that I had two older brothers who used to allow me to watch films like Cyborg with them age 10. ┬áBut I do remember idolising Sarah Connor in Terminator 2. You didn’t hear her whinging about her hairstyle. Poor sausage didn’t even have a brush in that asylum. But she wasn’t afraid of tranquilising those wardens. Not that that’s one of my life goals but you get the point. Hopefully. Still aiming for those biceps though.

On the other hand it would be rather more enjoyable if it was marginally less graphic. I spend half the time watching through my fingers as the sight of blood doesn’t sit particularly easy with me. The sheer violence and gruesomely detailed deaths are so full on they make me question the sanity of the director. Seriously, who enjoys watching that?! Don’t answer that, you’d probably scare me. Either way, I’ve just started Season 3, which I’ve done in two weeks. So just a few more weeks of bingeing and I should be up to speed. That’s the best goal I’ve set so far this year anyway.

*I know there’s no goblins, I just like them.