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After posting last weeks blog on motivational tips, I got a bit ill, felt sorry for myself and did the bare minimum. I know you’re supposed to rest but I think my resting period had become a teeny bit comfortable. I did do a run, but excused myself to stop regularly to post on instagram, so probs ended up about 500 yards. Plus, I got a new sofa and The cold doesn’t help either. Aren’t blankets lovely? Oh and that box of Fondant Fancies and pack of Mini Eggs was to cheer me up.

SO, today on the way home (looking forward to my sofa and finishing off ‘Stranger Things’) I listened to theĀ Joe Rogan podcast, who had a fitness and health expert on called Dr. Rhonda Patrick. By the time I was home, I was in my lycra quicker than you can say GAINS. It’s brilliant and incredibly motivating. The basis is all about what exercise does to the brain, how it affects all the other areas of your life productivity wise, why exercise isn’t just about vanity, but in a really cleverly explained way, (not my very basic description here). It’s much better than that. Give it a listen if you’re struggling, episode no.901.

I wanted to share what I do as it’s made such a difference to my lifestyle. Obviously this is what I love, but worth a go if you need some inspiration.



First off, I know everyone harps on about it in an almost cult like fashion, but if you really want to get strong, fit and see real tangible results, then nothing comes close to Crossfit for me. If you are unaware, it’s basically personal training in a group. Every single day is a completely different work out, with such a wide range of exercises; from kettlebells, cardio to Olympic lifting. You will be amazed what you can achieve when you go regularly. Your scores are taken at the end so you can see how much you’re progressing. The team at Crossfit Nottingham may all look like superheroes, but they’re the friendliest people you’ll meet. It doesn’t matter what fitness level you are, you go at your own pace and no-one knows where you’re at. Plus it feels so quick and pushes me in a way the gym or any other work has never done. It feels less of an endurance as the work outs are broken up into short bursts, anything from 10-25 mins.


These pics are optional.







God bless YouTube for helping me become a bit of a hermit. I hate leaving my house so I love doing work outs at home as it saves the faff if you’re having a manic day. I think to make a huge difference you’d have to do quite intensively, but they do make a difference. I do them alongside Crossfit. Yoga work outs are my absolute fave. These are my go to whenever I can’t quite face an intense sweat sesh or feeling super achy and stressed.

I watch a lot of vids by this lady who, yes, looks a bit like a perfect bendy Barbie, but don’t be intimidated, she seems ever so sweet and they’re really good routines. From work outs like this one, to tailored ones for back pain, relaxation etc. Plus the backdrops are always incredible. If you get zen/drunk* enough, it’s like you’re there.

*probs don’t drink and exercise. Gosh, she is stretchy isn’t she!






It’s no surprise he’s been such a phenomenal success. His work outs are quick, effective, easy to follow, have different time lengths and intensities and really build up a sweat! Today, not feeling quite 100 per cent I did one of his low impact work outs which was perfect. In fact it kick started me, so when I finished I felt pumped enough to move onto another short one. His puppy dog energy can’t help but get you going, plus it makes you feel reassured when you see he’s struggling too. He’s like a much cheerier Jon Snow (GOT) which is always an added bonus.






This was the first YouTube workout that I discovered and I loved it. I had no idea who Jillian Michaels was, (turns out she’s a fitness megastar in the States), but I bloody loved her! At first I did this loads for weeks and it was incredible for toning. I still revisit it. Sometimes just cus I miss Jillian.






No, I’m not (sorry Mum), but if you are and still want to keep on top of working out, then check out the lovely Emily Williams here. Personal trainer and also preggo, she’s documenting the whole journey so can help you with what you’re experiencing, fitness and exercise tips, plus everything else that comes with it!




Go forth and gain! Lollllz.



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