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When you’ve worked in a job for a long time, it’s very easy to get complacent. Having worked in radio for ten years now and on our breakfast show for almost eight, it’s easy to forget that discussing your private life daily with half a million people, waking up at 4.30am and interviewing celebrities isn’t actually the norm.

So it was particularly refreshing when I talked at the ‘Inspired Women in Business’ event with Vision Consultants in Nottingham. Having discussed my life and how I got into my career and what the job entailed, it reminded me of how it all began and how grateful I am that I still get to do the job I always wanted to do growing up. The job I had no idea I’d even be capable of. I was also delighted to discover that everyone seemed genuinely interested in what I was saying. There was certainly an imposter moment right before I spoke where I wondered why on earth anyone would be interested in my life and what I’ve done?! Luckily I managed to hook them in with the 4.30am daily start which people always seem to enjoy and make me feel like a superhero with ‘How on EARTH do you do that’? Umm, well sadly I don’t have a choice as they won’t let me start at 9am…I mean, no I AM a superhero! Also my tales of how to blag through those blank moments on air when under pressure seemed to go down well although I may have revealed a little too much. If you were there-seriously, please don’t tell my boss…

I do slightly regret the question of ‘who empowered you as a teenager’ and only being able to think of ‘The Spice Girls’. But when I think about it, they really did. I was 14 and they were dominating the world with, lets be honest, a minimal amount of talent and maximum amount of balls, whilst looking like the girls next door. Plus I was 14 and all I wanted to do was become Trixie Firecracker, wear platform trainers and zig-a-zig-ah. Marketing ploy or not, Girlpower was imprinted on my mind.

It was fascinating listening to Suzanne Shaw and Camilla Dallerups rise to fame and the graft and sacrifice that people don’t see that goes with it. Plus the drive and ambition that has led them to totally different paths in life. Due to my speaking commitments I never got a chance to see Susan Hallam and Sharon Roberts speak, but judging by the feedback I heard they provided invaluable advice, plus only a ten minute chat with either will make you motivated and ready to conquer!

So thank you to everyone who attended, not only for not throwing rotten tomatoes but the day also totally inspired and motivated me. Here was a room full of women who had set up on their own, taken the bold decision to make that risk and create their own success story. Maybe we could form our own modern day Spice Girls? Bagsy the platform trainers!

If you’d like me to speak at your event please call Vision directly on 0115 9418242

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Women in biz