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Staycations Uk: Bath


Do you know what’s better than running a half marathon in Bath on a Sunday morning? Getting an injury a few weeks before and deciding, that instead of cancelling the weekend, just altering your plans to a romantic spa weekend in Bath instead. So I’d like to thank my boyfriend for kindly injuring himself beforehand as I think we’d all rather swan around a Spa in a dressing gown instead waiting on a sideline.




With a perfect excuse to have a mini break away from London, I swiftly took charge of the hotel booking as I knew exactly what I wanted. Somewhere I can do absolutely nothing, other than eat good food, regular naps in a luxury bed and sit in a spa and relax. Sounds lazy, but since I’ve lived in London, any break I go for now has to involve as little movement as possible.


That’s when I stumbled upon The Gainsborough. An opulent, grand looking building, right in the centre of Bath, with an incredible looking spa. Ticked all the boxes. So when we arrived by train, (which was almost too quick. I’d just sunk two ginger nuts and got into a lovely doze and suddenly we were there). It took us just 5 minutes to walk to the hotel. Still all within the centre of Bath. Result for old lazy bones here!




I want to say we spent the entire first day sightseeing, but it was a strong hour. The good thing about Bath is, it’s so pretty that everywhere you go, you instantly feel like you’re seeing it all. And you are, it’s all on your doorstep. You don’t have to go far to find lovely little boutiques, restaurants and BIG STEEP HILLS. Good for working off calories before all the food I was to consume.


Having a swan around The Royal Crescent.


On the first day we wondered around the city, along the river, had some great food and most importantly, found the local fudge shop. The Fudge Kitchen has mini egg fudge, I repeat, MINI EGG FUDGE. Bought a few kilos of that and headed back to the room to gorge on it in a robe in bed like Waynetta Slob.


I needn’t have bothered with buying a load of treats, as when we returned there was a bottle of champagne on ice and chocolates in the room. I LOVE CHAMPAGNE AND CHOCOLATES. Especially when they’re a surprise. Because then there’s no calories.






Another reason we didn’t need to leave the room, was this view. Can see most of Bath from here! Oh, and a double rainbow on our last day. Stop it Bath, you’re really spoiling us.




After a few hours of lounging, we decided we should probably stop being slugs, get dressed and go for dinner. Another bonus of The Gainsborough is they have an incredible restaurant, created by chef Dan Moon, with the one thing I’m always up for, taster menu’s. I get food envy, so I like to try a little of everything. Many times. There’s the 5 or 7 taster menu. Obviously greedy guts here went for the 7. It was a good choice. After the barman had rustled me up my own cocktail concoction of my favourite ingredients (which by the way, he offered, I didn’t demand. I’m not Mariah Carey), we sat down to devour our 7 courses. Amongst the smoked beef, scallops, duck, lemon mousse and much more, I also managed to consume a delicious flight of wine to accompany it, resulting in me making friends with the couple next to us, one of which, it turned out was once taught by my boyfriends Dad and considered him a real hero. Small world!





Popped off to bed feeling suitably full, only to find a platter of cheese in our room. Are you trying to challenge me Gainsborough? NO PROBLEM. Devoured.


Luckily the next day consisted of even more relaxing as we booked into the spa for treatments. I opted for a ginger renewal treatment. Which, after being a bit of a pig in a sty, luckily consisted of a delicious scrub down and massage. I felt very cleansed! I also know I was obscenely and quite embarrassingly relaxed as I woke myself up with my own snoring. Three times. THREE.




We then went for a swim and spa circuit in the stunning Spa. The Spa is incredible. Set in a giant atrium and being in Bath, the pool taps into the Thermal Springs, so you’re getting the proper Roman bath experience. We braved the lavender ice fountain as part of the spa circuit, finishing off in the natural thermal water, which was approximately 35-40C. Bliss.





Felt so über relaxed, it was difficult to venture out again. But we did squeeze in a visit to the Royal Crescent and Roman Baths, well worth it! Also made us appreciate our thermal swim even more, fascinating. Those Romans sure knew how to do wellness.






Bath is such a perfect romantic weekend away. Everywhere you walk is stunning, the food and drink exceptional. Plus if you pick a hotel like The Gainsborough, you can enjoy it to all it’s capacities without feeling guilty about venturing out as it celebrates all of Baths qualities within! Plus they have the most attentive and efficient staff who make everything easy. The manager Brian is a legend!




The perfect weekend away!





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