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Staycations UK: Sea Palling

Not sure whether it’s because of lockdown or my DAZZLING tik tok videos, but I’ve never had so many requests about a weekend break. It did feel really quite special. Not only because we found this little gem in a location none of us had ever been to, but because I hadn’t seen my mates for months anyway so as our first post lockdown jaunt it was quite something! Plus the sun was shining, so it literally felt like we could be abroad. Who needs Ibiza when you’ve got Norfolk…


This was a little cabin I just found on Air B n b. It was so cute, but also quite teeny-fine for four girls as we don’t mind squashing in but would be ideal for a couple as well. It’s fairly basic but has everything you need and most importantly it is literally a 1 minute walk from the beach.

Oh, the beach! So we also had no idea that we were a mere minute away from one of the best beaches in the UK. We’ve since found it on quite a few articles, which is no surprise since it’s a blue flag beach, so officially one of the most beautiful in the UK. When we trotted down to it, with a celebratory bottle of champers in hand, we were actually quite emotional. Post virus and feeling like the world was ending, to see this view, with the sun shining, it was spectacular.



As a big fan of a wild swim, I was so excited. Even better if it’s rather on the fresh side, so exhilirating, makes you feel alive! And amazing for your health of course (go check out Wim Hof) He is my master. So every morning and most evenings we went for a delicious dip. The sand is so soft and the sea so clear, we literally could’ve been in the med. This isn’t the Norfolk I remembered growing up! We used to go mud sliding and crabbing and you weren’t really on holiday in Norfolk unless you were swimming in the freezing North sea in the rain.



Probs the best moment of 2020 so far… needed this!


Ok, sorry Sea Palling but this is a warning. Obviously if you’re going to the seaside you want fish and chips. And I have to say these were the worst I have ever tasted. Note-this is after eating what I could. The chips were practically white, the fish below par and to really rub salt & vinegar into the wounds, the staff were so rude. Swerve this place and go for a little drive to Wells if you can, as they have award winning fish and chips and it’s well worth it!



Six years ago I did a 500km bike ride from Yosemite to San Francisco and during one of our stop offs we did wine tasting at this lovely little place in California. This was one of the best white wines I’d ever tasted and I’d been saving it for an occasion, for, quite literally, years! It’s only when my boyfriend pointed out that 1) White wine doesn’t age that well and 2) He doesn’t drink it anyway, that the end of lockdown with friends post apocalyse was the perfect opportunity! Thankfully it wasn’t off and was bloody delightful.


We drove ten minutes down the road to Horsey Gap, a spot famous for seeing Seals. I think we envisaged them all being on the beach, but assuming that’s only certain months of the year, as they were swimming around, bobbing up and down in the sea. Only problem with that is they’re rather tricky to get a good pic of. Do they not know about Instagram?! I tried my best (see below), but google probs better option.



We also found a super cute little cafe, complete with air raid shelter (quite handy right now) and just walking around the general area is so pretty.


Was the most perfect escape to probably the most beautiful beach I’ve ever been to in the UK (I’m off to Cornwall soon though, so we’ll see Sea Palling!)

Sea ya later lockdown.




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