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Mykonos was one of those places that I’d been desperate to visit for years. Largely due to the picture perfect snaps I’d seen on Instagram and friends holiday photos. You assume these kind of places, although clearly very beautiful, are probably heavily filtered (clarendon probs). This is one of those rare places that is just as good, if not even better in actual real life. All whitewashed buildings and brightly coloured flowers and doors. THE COLOURS. If you weren’t aware I’m a big fan of a splash of colour. It’s an assault to the eyes. But a really, really good one. And it’s all so perfectly done. The decor at every hotel, restaurant and beach bar is of a high standard, whether it’s high end or low budget.

After quite extensive research on where to stay we settled on Paraga beach for the location. It was exactly as I expected; walking distance to the beach, lovely restaurants and bars, afternoon party atmosphere and great access to ice creams. We stayed at the Zephyros hotel. A small but quaint hotel perched overlooking the sea. The room was lovely, but pretty cosy for the three of us. However it did include an adorable balcony for us to stand on and do pensive shots like this.



IMG_2321IMG_2222 IMG_2223IMG_2224


The pool was like one of those scenes from a dreamy music video. I like to think the Flamingo we brought along enhanced it. Added that touch of ‘Club Tropicana’ it possibly lacked. The owners must have been delighted. Congratulations to Mike the flamingo for making it into the tricky hand luggage haul. I think we can agree it was worth it.




Not just full of hot air. A really great listener too.




The front of the hotel; so picturesque. Naturally, a perfect spot for a casual Grecian hair flick.





This hostel was right by the beach. Yes, I said hostel. This is a hostel with a prime position and infinity pool. Hostels I stayed at in 2001 I once had to share a room with a 50+ year old drunk man who gave me a half eaten apple as a gift and refused to wear a shirt.




IMG_2229 IMG_2231 IMG_2232


Kalua was the liveliest restaurant/bar on the beach at Paraga. The food and cocktails were incredible and whilst at the pricier end, was worth it. You have to pay for the sun beds (what do you expect with delicious umbrellas like that), although-small tip; go later in the day and they seem to forget to ask…

Same goes for Scorpios, which is one of the super trend-on-toast type places just at the end of the beach. The view is spectacular, the people beautiful, food immense and wine expensive. Again, it’s worth it for a chilled evening sunset and Instagram activity. If you want your nightlife even louder, head to Paradise beach down the road or Mykonos Town. I wish I could remember the name of the place, but at 3am I had the most incredible pastry-cream-custard type Greek treat that I have ever experienced in Mykonos Town after a lively drag Queen show at Jackie O’s. Beats a Dominoes hands down.



IMG_2296 IMG_2330

The flowers. THE FLOWERS. Everywhere, just stunning. I struggle to understand why the rest of the world doesn’t look more like this. Can we make a concerted effort to plant more please?


Mykonos is famous for it’s ridiculous sunsets. And if you’ve ever seen my Instagram you will know how much I appreciate a good skyline. Well, if you’re equally that way inclined then GOOD NEWS, as I found the greatest sunset spot in Mykonos.



This beautiful hotel and restaurant overlooks not just Mykonos town (where it’s infamous windmills look like teeny houses for ants) but also all along the west coast of the island. The view is breath taking, regardless of sunset. You can see for miles. It does, of course, help when there’s an enormous pool, jacuzzi and cocktail in hand. It’s basically what you imagined heaven would look like. We walked round for a good 15 mins taking in the view (and a few pics of course) before realising we should probably just sit down to dinner and watch the sun go down.


IMG_2335 IMG_2336


You can see the windmills in the background of Little Venice, the heart of Mykonos.




We sat down for dinner with a perfect view for the sunset. First off, instead of a cocktail menu, the waiter asked what we liked and made our very own tailor made concoction. Prosecco, lemon and gin were my requirements. I wasn’t let down.




I’m not sure how comfortable I am sharing the sheer amount of fried cheese I consumed in Greece. But let’s just say if it’s taken a few years off my life, it was well worth it.




Delicious fresh fish, Prosecco cocktail and a perfect sunset please.


IMG_2392 IMG_2394


Those greeks love a ‘digestive’. Aka a massive shot. This snapshot is pretty much to blame for us ending up dancing at a drag show til 3am.



IMG_2421 IMG_2430IMG_1845IMG_1811




The most James Bond entrance we found in Mykonos. And we searched for ages.



Another day, another ridiculous lunch spot. Fried cheese, seafood linguini and wine please. Yes, again.




Having a moment/strop about the clouds.





Ornos beach was also really beautiful. We only ate at Buddha bar, but the other beach front restaurants looked amazing, with the coolest line up of beach beds. Probably a little more chilled out than Paraga beach, more for families and couples, but super quaint and close to Mykonos Town



The infamous windmills at Little Venice




Oh FFS I really want a photo though?




Mykonos Town is just stunning. The little cobbled streets, tiny churches, whitewashed buildings and of course THOSE doors. Did I already mention the flowers? So many cute little restaurants and street bars. We met an awesome lady, who basically did a Shirley Valentine thirty years ago and never went home. She was about 60, helping out in a bar, wearing dungarees and being brilliant. If I ever have enough of the UK I’m gonna go meet her.


IMG_2543 IMG_2549


We stumbled upon one of many adorable little restaurants and ended up staying here eating and drinking for about 24 hours. Possible exaggeration-but we were very comfortable and had no desire to move. Everyone is so friendly and love chatting/forcing shots.





That time I got romantically involved with a wall. Look how fun it is though.


IMG_2592 IMG_2599




IMG_2602IMG_2613 IMG_1899


Secret little spot we found on a cliff top run between Paraga and Paradise beach. Yes, we took trainers and went for runs. I hate myself too, but it’s fast becoming one of my favourite things to do in the morn on holidays, as you get to see so much more of the local area, plus, more importantly helps with the guilt of three large portions of fried cheese and wine that I managed to inhale on a daily basis.


IMG_1680IMG_2216 (1) IMG_2215


Mykonos, you are one of my faves. Me and my palm dress will see you one day again soon. Largely as that seems inappropriate to wear anywhere else.



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