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Staycations Uk: Margate


We arrived in Margate in that weird in between Xmas-New Year bit. It was windy, grey and utterly miserable when we arrived and we wondered if we’d made a big mistake. I had that sinking feeling. We’d heard a lot about Margate, how it was ‘Shoreditch by the sea’. Oooh bit of a trendy wanky seaside town? Right up our street! Reality was, barely anything was open so wasn’t the best time of year to go. However, the next day the sun came out, which made such a difference. We had a lovely walk, had a nose around some brilliant vintage and independent shops and ate some delicious food. Despite most places being closed we found a wicked, cosy little bar and just drank red wine, which makes anywhere utterly brilliant

Like most seaside towns, when the sun shines it’s totally different!



Of course you also have the Turner contemporary gallery and Dreamland, which was obviously closed which I was gutted about. Looks like a lot goes on there.

I LOVED all the little vintage shops and yards, they were my fave part.


Turner Gallery


Look out for the sculpture out at sea in front of the gallery. He freaked me out because you only see him when the tides out, so when it was coming in and was almost up to his head I thought I didn’t realise was a sculpture at this point and almost went in to rescue.

Margate’s clearly got a lot going for it. But just make sure you go in peak times. It’s certainly edgier and less pretty than somewhere like Whitstable but I want to come back with mates for a big fun day out!

We stayed in Angelas Suites which was lovely and had a great view out to sea








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